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We know how difficult it is to obtain reliable trekking gear advice, which is one of the major reasons we have created Trekking Gear Lab. Our experts live for adventurous activities, We don't do any paid or sponsored reviews, and we won't spend your time with stuff that doesn't meet your standards. All the reviews are genuine and are reviewed by our experts trekkers.
Market Research
Our Expert Team gathers information about the trekking gears and determines how successful the trekking gear will be among trekking enthusiasts.
Identifying key features
We Identify all the product's key features from discrete areas and deliver them to you in simple words.
Selecting products
Our Experts select all the best trekking gears and test them on different terrains & treks to check their functionality, comfortability & durability.
Analyzing reviews
Once we select the products, we then shortlist top5 & top10 products based on reviews on different eCommerce Websites (like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.) and forums to check the product performance among the users.
Manual testing
Our Trekking Experts take some of the equipment with them on different treks to check their performance and test them on different terrains with our testing requirements.

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