Best Hiking Pants for Men IN 2021 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Do you think that your normal joggers will be suitable for adventure journeys like hiking? Let me just stop you there as you are among several other people who have the same mindset. 

You might be wondering that what’s the issue in wearing tracksuits or joggers for hiking? Just stay on the blog as we will clear all your doubts regarding the same.

Hiking is not a smooth trip as it may sound for experienced hikers and travelers. It takes a lot of courage and correct gear to survive in a challenging environment. 

You must prepare yourself to purchase a better pair of hiking pants that will provide comfort and safety at the same time. These trousers are specifically designed to counter situations like extreme weather, direct sunlight, insects, and whatnot. 

Also, these are quite different from your regular joggers that are meant for normal conditions. We bring the top 10 best hiking pants for men and their expert reviews. 

There is a list of known brands like Columbia, Van Heusen, Jockey, Craghoppers, and many more ahead of you. Each one of them has gone through extreme testing by hikers in live locations. Further, we put forward their pros and cons to help you make a better choice.

Once you read about their descriptions and other features, you can come up with a perfect model. We even discuss “How to choose the best hiking pants for men in 2021” to help our new readers who don’t know much about hiking.

 If you have any doubts regarding the strategies mentioned below, check out the FAQs section at the end. We assure you that it will be an exciting and informational journey throughout the blog.

The first hiking Pants for men that you should try is the MAGCOMSEN Men’s Hiking Pants that are suitable for outdoor activities. It is made of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex components for extra durability. 

The pants even have elastic support on the waist along with the belt loops to adjust the fit accordingly. 

Moreover, they are pretty comfortable in almost every season, like winters, summer, autumn, fall, without any issue. 

The MAGCOMSEN Men’s Hiking Pants also have reinforced knee covers to prevent any scratch or injury to the joints. 

Hence, you don’t have to worry while climbing or crawling on rough terrain. The entire fabric of the hiking pants is micro0 stretchable that makes it a comfortable product for long journeys.

Customers get a total of 4 pockets on the pants, all having a zipper closure for extra safety. Along with the two side pockets, you get one pocket on the back and an additional storage pocket on the right thigh. 

Therefore, you can easily store or take out the important stuff without any problem. Also, the hiking pants are easy to carry on trips as they are extremely lightweight, with only 300 grams of a piece. Overall, these are a great choice for all your outdoor expeditions without an issue.

Product Description:

  •       Manufacturer- MAGCOMSEN
  •       Fabric Material- 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex
  •       Fit type- Regular Fit
  •       Weight- 300 grams
  •       Elastic waist support
  •       Suitable for hiking, trekking, skiing, camping, traveling, etc.
  •       Appropriate for casual wear
  •       Belt loops
  •       Four durable zipper pockets
  •       Available in Blue, Navy, Green, Black, Light Grey, Grey


Micro stretch fibers
Reinforced knees for protection
Lightweight and thin


Non-breathable material
Rough zippers

Columbia is quite popular to manufacture some of the best trekking and hiking attire available in the market. There is no doubt that the Columbia Hiking Pants for Men are currently highly anticipated trousers.

Also, this pair of hiking pants can be used in hot and humid climates due to their extremely soft fabric. 

No need to mention that convertible nature is their best feature. Users can easily transform the long trousers into knee-length shorts according to the weather. 

Moreover, it only takes a few seconds to fold and complete the process. You also experience the unique Omni Wick technology in the hiking pants that keeps your skin dry and comfortable. The entire material is two-way stretchable and hence eases limb movements.

The Omni-shade technology is viable in extreme sunlight as it provides UPF 50 sun protection and keeps your skin safe. 

Further, these hiking pants are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as they are wearable on long sunny days. It has two side cargo pockets, two hand pockets, and a pair of rear pockets so that you can carry important items with you. 

Despite having a convertible size structure, the total weight of the hiking pants is 500 grams. There are 12 different color options, like Black, Delta, Green, Pond, Grey, Tusk, etc., for the customers to choose accordingly. Thus, it can be an ideal choice for both casual and occasional wear.

Product Description:

  •       Manufacturer- Columbia
  •       Fabric Material- Two-way stretchable
  •       Fit type- Convertible pant
  •       Weight- 500 grams
  •       Side cargo pockets
  •       A couple of rear pockets
  •       Zippers closure
  •       Omni Shade Technology with UPF 50
  •       Omni Wick Technology
  •       Machine washable
  •       Recommended by Skin Cancer Foundation
  •       Available in 12 colors


It keeps you dry and prevents moisture
Suitable for trekking and hiking
Lightweight and thin
Convertible nature



Moving further, we have another hiking pants from Columbia that are quite effective for outdoor adventures. The Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pant has a huge demand in the market due to its extraordinary built. 

As the name suggests, you can convert these pants into shorts for sunny days and vice-versa, respectively. Thus, you can have features of both the wearables in a single product. 

The hiking pants contain partial elastic at the waist for better stability during long journeys. Also, customers can protect their skin from scorching heat through the Omni shade technology that blocks harmful UV rays. 

The tight weave construction of the fabric is both sturdy and breathable for enhanced comfort. Due to this, even the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends this to users having similar issues.

The Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pant also got Omni Wick technology that dries sweat and moisture easily from the surface. 

This will keep you cool even while doing physical activities as it dries relatively quicker than other products. Hence, you don’t have to worry about having itchy legs while hiking in summer. 

The extremely deep pockets with hook and loop closure are sufficient to carry essential items like mobiles, wallets, etc. 

These are lightweight yet durable and lasts for a long time, depending on your usage. Overall, it is a stretchable hiking pant that will become an ideal choice for all your outdoor activities.

Product Description:

  •       Manufacturer- Columbia
  •       Silver Ridge UV Protection Convertible hiking pants
  •       Fabric Material- Two-way stretchable
  •       Omni Shade Technology
  •       Weight- 250 grams
  •       Omni Wick Technology
  •       Partial elastic at waist
  •       Pockets with hook and loop closure
  •       Suitable for winters and summer
  •       Stretchable


It keeps you dry and prevents moisture
Tight weave construction
Lightweight and thin



We now come to the Craghoppers Kiwi Trouser that is a perfect choice for hikers and trekkers who don’t have much experience. These hiking pants are specially designed to protect your skin from direct sunlight. 

The SolarShield Technology will safeguard the users from harmful UV rays with the combination of the density of the fabric, type of yarns, and color. 

Hence, you can easily go out due to the UPF 50+ sun safety, especially in the summer. Also, the Nosi-defence fabric is uniquely modified to main it bug-bite proof up to the most extent. 

The material is robust enough so that the insect sting will not penetrate through it. So, next time you go to wild forests for camping or trekking, the Kiwi Trouser has got your back.

The knee area is relatively thick to provide better protection from scratches on rough terrain. Moreover, they are one of the best-selling products of Craghoppers due to all these features. 

You get nine different pockets, out of which 5 are zipped to avoid anything falling. It has additional security pockets to carry essential items like torches, mobiles, and many more on the trip. 

The special OS map pocket can easily hold a straight map without the need to fold it. A matching Craghopper Kiwi belt is also included in the complete package of the trouser. 

There is no doubt in the fact that these hiking and trekking pants will make your outdoor trips memorable.

Product Description:

  •       Manufacturer- Craghoppers
  •       Material Composition- 65% Polyester + 35%Cotton
  •       Fabric Material- Polyester Blend
  •       Nosi-defence Fabric
  •       Weight- 449 grams
  •       UPF 50+ Sun protection
  •       Nine pockets- 5 zipped and a single mobile compartment
  •       PFC free
  •       Machine washable
  •       Double knee fabric
  •       Kiwi Belt included
  •       OS Map pocket
  •       Security pocket


Comfortable for long hours
Durable and long-lasting
Extremely lightweight


Not effective in snowfall regions
The fabric is not stretchable

Krystle Hiking Pants for Men is made up of 65% Polyester & 35% Cotton. Its material is long-lasting, stain-resistant, quick-drying, waterproof, and liquid-resistant, dirt, and other pollutants.

 This hiking pant featuring ten pockets, including two large slash pockets in the front for quick access; 2x hook-and-loop thigh flap pockets for fast storage of tactical gear, tools, or perhaps a cell phone;

2x Leg flap pockets for easier access to things while crouching or crawling; 4x Flap back pockets for safe, deep storage. 

Krystle’s Military design hiking pants are appropriate for various situations, including casual attire, combat experience, outdoor activities, and hard work.

These hiking pants are for all four seasons Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter. Also, these pants come in a variety of colors, including black, army green, and khaki. 

These hiking pants are ideal for trekking, hiking, jogging, camping, climbing, etc. When you’re out trekking with your family members and friends, this hiking pants material is light and ripstop, quick-drying, and pleasant to wear.

 The patterns on these military-designed hiking pants are unique. While trekking, mountaineering, camping, etc., the hook-and-loop mechanism on the hiking pants and knees allows you to tighten the trouser legs, make your movements more comfortable, and prevent stones, dust, and branches from getting into your legs.

Product Description

  • Company: Krystle
  • 350 gm in Weight
  • Material: 65% Polyester & 35% Cotton
  • Generic: Hiking Pants for Men
  • Zipper & Tag Button is made with high-quality metal alloy
  • Having ten multi-functional pockets
  • Coated Ripstop Fabric
  • All season hiking pant
  • Available in 3 different colors: Black, Army Green, & Khaki
  • 10 Day Free Returns & Exchange


Lightweight Fabric Composition
Durable and long-lasting
Ideal for multi-day hiking & trekking
Having Flexible Knee Design


It can't be dry cleane

This Columbia’s lightweight hiking pants for men are super comfy, durable, & liquid resistant. These cargo track pants are convertible hiking pants which means they can easily convert into two-thirds shorts too. 

The Columbia Convertible Hiking Pants for men are well-designed, with a zipper that runs up the leg, enabling the zip-off portions simpler to fit over trekking shoes.

 While in shorts style, convertible hiking pants frequently feature visible or unpleasant seams at the zipper, but they appear and feel like regular shorts when converted. 

The Columbia Convertible Hiking pants had a rugged appearance to them, and this would be an excellent choice for off-trail excursions and rough terrain, but they’re bulky and lacked breathability, making them unsuitable for warm-weather treks.

It’s OMNI SHIELD Technology that keeps you clean and dry by preventing moisture absorption into the yarns, which would otherwise stain the clothing.

 Any liquids under 170° F are resistant to Columbia’s Omni Shield fabric, and it dries 3 to 5 times faster than untreated textiles. 

With the support of a tightly woven structure, Omni-Shade Technology stops dangerous Ultraviolet rays from reaching your skin, minimizing sunburn and long-term skin damage like rashes as the UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) improves, your skin protection increases. 

This Cargo-style Columbia’s Hiking Pants has multi-functional pockets, which are very spacious to keep your quick-access items like smartphone, money, ID, etc.


Product Description

  • Company: Columbia
  • 500 gm in Weight
  • Material: 100% Nylon
  • Omni-Shield Technology
  • Omni-Shade Technology
  • Generic: Hiking Pants for Men
  • Having six multi-functional pockets
  • All season hiking pant
  • Available in 2 different colors
  • 10 Day Free Returns & Exchange


Lightweight Nylon Made
Repels Water & other liquids under 170 degrees Fahrenheit
Ideal for multi-day hiking & trekking
Spacious Multi-Function 6 Pockets


Slightly comes near the expensive side
It has no strong waist elastic

These Columbia Silver Ridge Hiking Pants for men are a terrific choice for casual hiking and even summer camping. 

These airy and quick-drying hiking pants are sold for just a competitive $60 and are frequently available for much less on Amazon. 

These pants are popular among travelers. They’re not convertible, which means the legs won’t zip off, and the trousers cannot be simply transformed into 2/3rd shorts. 

Pant also has two large cargo pockets with convenient access as well as a zippered security pocket. Overall, the functionality and convenience of these hiking pants have happily impressed us.

Its fabrics seem thin and don’t give that much weather protection to some of the more affordable alternatives on our list while being exceptionally well-built for the pricing.

Furthermore, the zips are not really the smoothest we’ve seen in all other hiking pants, and putting the legs back on requires some skill.

However, it’s difficult to disagree with Columbia’s Silver Ridge’s pricing or a wide range of color and size possibilities; that’s why we’ve featured it here on our top 10 best hiking pants in 2021. The pants are indeed available in Silver Ridge Cargo for people who want the zip-off capability. 

Columbia’s Hiking Pants offer a trendy design that works well in both the city and the trails. There is a nice amount of flexibility to the fabric, and we appreciate its simplistic pocket design.

These trousers are lightweight and breathe nicely, making them suitable for a range of weather situations. The overall fit of these hiking pants was indeed a little uncomfortable in the quadriceps.

Altogether, these Columbia Hiking Pants are an excellent choice for day treks that include a wilderness visit.

Product Description

  • Company: Columbia
  • 300 gm in Weight
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Generic: Hiking Pants for Men
  • Day hiking pant
  • Available in 10 different colors
  • 10 Day Free Returns & Exchange


Comfortable while walking
Ideal for one-day hiking & trekking
Machine Washable


It's not a convertible hiking pants
Fewer Pockets

How to Choose the Best Hiking Pants for Men in 2021

We hope that the above reviews could provide some basic knowledge about different hiking pants in the market. However, you might be wondering how to choose the perfect products according to your needs. 

There is no rocket science in understanding the features of ideal hiking pants for men as anyone can do it. Moreover, you must consider some basic aspects that will help in decision-making. 

If you are still unable to rule out the options, we will take you through it. Our team of experts has come up with essential features of every pair of hiking pants for men. 

These features are necessary for joggers or trousers and provide more comfort to the customers. If you are stuck between multiple choices, try sorting them out based on the following features,

Fabric Material

The central feature that will help you to choose the best hiking pant is the fabric material. The market is flooded with different categories of pants varying from synthetic to cotton material. 

It is important to note that each of them has its features and drawbacks according to the situation. Experts recommend purchasing joggers that have a breathable texture on the surface. 

This will also enhance the speed of sweat recovery and thus keeps you cool even on sunny days. Although, having UPF sun protection material on the pants is an additional perk.


Hiking and trekking are something where you can’t predict weather conditions, especially in tropical forests. Hiking pants for men should at least have a water-resistant surface to avoid seeping moisture into your skin.

Moreover, wet joggers are not advisable as they will lead to various skin infections. Also, this will come in handy while crossing streams or rivers as the pants will not take long to dry. 

If there is no issue budget, there are some 100% waterproof hiking pants that are pretty effective in rainy conditions. Hence, you will focus more on enjoying rather than worrying about the hiking trousers.


Every hiking pant for men does have pockets on the sides as well as the rear for storing things like wallets, mobiles, and even maps. 

If your trouser is not having multiple pockets, you are losing a lot of valuable capacity to carry important stuff. Some products even have thigh pockets as they are easier to reach. 

Moreover, it would be best to prefer a zipper closure on the zips as it will provide more security to the stuff. Make sure to check out the water-resistant lining on the pockets as well.


The weight of the hiking pants may be tricky to consider while placing the order for your favorite brand. Many customers buy heavy hiking joggers as they are more sturdy and rigid on rough terrain. 

But it is better to choose lightweight hiking pants for more comfortable limb movement. You will also save a lot of luggage capacity to carry heavy-duty joggers while climbing up the mountains. 

However, check the quality of the material as some hiking pants may have thin fabric that will not protect you from sunlight or insect bites.

5 Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the styles of hiking pants available in the market?

There are indeed two styles of hiking pants available: the convertible hiking pants and the standard hiking pants. Each style has its own set of advantages and applications.

If you zip-off two-third of Convertible Hiking Pants, it will convert into hiking shorts. A regular, non-convertible hiking pants, on the other hand, is simply just pants. In the bottom section of the legs, zippers are common on conventional hiking pants, making it easy to detach the pants without removing the boots.

Standard hiking pants, on the other hand, cannot be converted into hiking shorts. Since non-convertible pants do not require the zippers and additional fabric needed to conceal the zipper, it is lighter in weight than convertible hiking pants. 

The choice is yours! If you are going on a long journey in warmish weather, convertible hiking pants it’s a must-have garment.

They’re perfect for summertime excursions & daytime adventures. Autumn and winter hikers should choose a pair of standard hiking pants. They are perfect for evening or night treks when the temperature drops.

Q2: Should Hiking Pants be loose?

Yes, indeed, your hiking pants must be flexible & loose enough to allow you for mobility and not even being so loose that they dangle off your legs and hardly touch you.

Q3: Should you wear jeans while hiking?

We won’t recommend you to go on hiking in jeans, but if you want, there are a few factors you should be aware of.

To starters, jeans aren’t a smart option for challenging hikes or trekking during cooler temperatures (sweat pants aren’t either). 

The fact that jeans are composed of cotton is the primary reason that they’re not appropriate for trekking. But what exactly does this imply? Cotton differs from other fabrics in that it can store water.

It does not absorb moisture like other materials. Cotton is extremely dangerous during cold temperatures because of this absorption.

Whenever cotton gets wet, it stays wet and, if it gets cold, it may even freeze. Your moisture will continue to take essential warmth from your skin even though the temperature seems far above freezing.

Even if it isn’t raining or snowing, there will always be stream and river crossings, puddles, and humidity out of your own sweat to contend with.

Jeans are already hefty, and they get considerably heavier once wet. Cotton’s hazards are so well-known among hikers that certain trekking organizations will not allow you to hike in Jeans.

Authorities have even been reported scolding trekkers for wearing jeans on the path. We suggest you not wear jeans while trekking.

Q4: Is polyester appropriate for hiking or backpacking? 

Polyester is excellent for trekking and backpacking. It performs an excellent job of draining away moisture and keeps you dry and comfortable.

Polyester is also incredibly breathable and, therefore, will not irritate your skin unless you are really sensitive.

Polyester is designed to be lightweight and resilient, making it an excellent choice for every outdoor activity like trekking, hiking, mountaineering, camping, etc.

Q5: What are hiking pants? 

Hiking pants are specially designed as trousers or leggings to be used outdoors, particularly for hiking, trekking, or mountaineering in the mountains.

These trousers are constructed to withstand rigorous use and have pockets, zippers, and buttons which make hiking more convenient when donned.

Hiking pants are likewise composed of a lightweight, quick-drying, and occasionally water-repellent polyamide cloth.

So, if you are planning to buy hiking pants, read our top 10 best hiking pants for men in 2021 to get a great idea of the one which fulfils your requirements.


Are you planning to go on trekking, hiking, or camping? But don’t have hiking pants for men or hiking pants for women. Well, there’s really no denying that hiking pants are indeed an essential item of your trekking gear.

The excellent news is that, in my opinion, the quality available in the market today is quite impressive at affordable pricing. 

You can also visit our top 10 best-shortlisted hiking pants for males, as well as our top 10 best-shortlisted hiking pants for women. In these articles, we have gone through several great alternatives for you to consider.

As previously said, hiking pants is perhaps an area where we’ve observed a significant improvement in quality over the last decade, and they continue to improve daily.

It will be fascinating to watch how (like with other hiking gear) technological developments assist in improving the quality and capabilities of hiking pants in the upcoming years. We believe it will only be beneficial.

We hope you found our information on selecting and what are the top 10 best hiking pants for men in 2021 is helpful. If you do, please leave feedback and also share it with the social media networks.

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