Best Trekking Jackets For Men in 2021 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Trekking jackets are a great way of covering your upper body and protect it from the extreme weather of mountains and rainforests. Many novice trekkers forget about it and only focus on having proper trekking shoes and backpacks. 

There are different requirements for a perfect trekking jacket as you will face many challenges on the journey. Also, you can’t wear any standard jacket as it is not meant for such an environment.

Are you planning to go on trekking this weekend and don’t have an adequate jacket to wear? 

Find the best trekking jackets in 2021 here.

Well, don’t you worry, as you are among several other customers who are regularly looking for trendy and appropriate trekking jackets. We have got your back as here are the top 10 best trekking jackets in 2021 for men.

 Apart from it, each product has been carefully examined in suitable locations by expert trekkers. The trekking jackets are reviewed by our exceptional team and ranked according to their advantages. Along with it, we will be covering their pros and cons to help you make a suitable choice.

Every person has his own choice and taste depending on various factors of the trekking jacket. It can be pretty challenging to get the perfect trekking jacket that will be appropriate for the trip. 

Hence, this review guide will take you through all the necessary details related to an ideal trekking jacket.

  • Brand: ‎Wildcraft
  • Material Type: Nylon
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Columbia
  • Material Type: Synthetic
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Columbia
  • Material Type: Nylon
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Columbia
  • Material Type: Double Layer Fabric
  • Sport: Climbing
  • Brand: ‎Columbia
  • Material Type: Ployster
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Fort Collins
  • Material Type: Nylon
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Columbia
  • Material Type: Polyester
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Columbia
  • Material Type: Polyster
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Versatyl
  • Material Type: Polyster
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Quecha
  • Material Type: Fleece
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking

Versatyl trekking Jacket is the best and all-in-one trekking jacket. It has a total of 18 pockets and 29 features, which is the world’s first multi-utility outdoor jacket with 100% polyester material.

VERSATYL has brought huge advancements in traveling jacket technology that has the potential to revolutionize travel.

This jacket is made of a wrinkle-free and water-resistant 100% polyester material. This jacket is designed for anybody who wants the convenience of intelligent storage inside an outer garment while traveling.

You can use this trekking jacket for everyday usage, too, whether you are trekking, hiking, or commuting on a bike, cycle, or other modes of transportation.

According to our wear expert and customers review, this VERSATYL Trekking Jacket deserves the 1st position in every trekking jacket review website, i.e., why we positioned it at the top. We reviewed almost 50 trekking jackets, but this is the best among all. 

This trekking jacket is completely water-resistant but not waterproof. It’s indeed attractive, sturdy, efficient, and unique. 

Water could leak in via the seams if exposed to prolonged periods of heavy rain. There are a total of 18 pockets in this VERSATYL Jacket you can use them to keep:

  • ID/Card/Money/Passport compartments in the top two Napoleon chest pockets
  • The key/change/essentials compartment on the upper arm
  • Two forearm pockets for keys, money, and other small necessities
  • Two side pockets for warming your hands
  • Mobile phone compartment 
  • Pouch for a portable charger 
  • Camera pouch with a small size
  • Slider for an iPad or a documents 
  • Wallet pockets
  • USB or earphone pocket 
  • Sunglasses loop + bag
  • Keep a pocket on the rear of your bag… etc.

This trekking jacket comes with Retractable Cotton Gloves and is suitable for the people who want to wear this jacket while traveling, hiking, or going for a daily walk. It is indeed an ultra-lightweight jacket. 

The back of the jacket features a “carry all” compartment, which implies the satchel may be folded into it and carried about like a sling bag. Whenever you’re wearing this VERSATYL, the very same pockets serve as a huge storage area. 

This product targets anybody searching for comfort and intelligent storage inside an outer garment while traveling, including practical pockets for a tablet and earphone loops. 

You can even use this trekking jacket for everyday usage, too, whether you are trekking or traveling on a bike, bicycle, or another mode of transportation.

Product Description:

  • Company Name: VERSATYL
  • 540 gm in Weight
  • Material Type: 100% Polyester
  • Available in 4 different colors: Cool Blue/Dark Blue, Ebony Black/Grey, Fiery Red/Black, & Electric Blue/Black
  • Long Sleeve Jacket with Retractable Fingerless Gloves
  • Generic: Multi-Purpose Jacket
  • Easily Washable
  • Hooded Trekking Jacket


It has a Reflector strip to glow at night
Made with wrinkle-free 100% polyester material
Comfortable from inside


Not waterproof
Couldn't withstand a harsh climatic condition

The first trekking jacket is the Wildcraft Men’s Black Packable Extra-warm Down Jacket with vast market demand.

This jacket is extremely warm and keeps you protected from different weather conditions on the journey. With 90% Down Feather, this trekking jacket will prevent you from getting cold.

 The outer material of the trekking jacket is made from synthetic Nylon, which is quite durable. Also, it doesn’t allow chilly winds or moisture to enter and thus keeps you dry in such situations. 

You can choose between three different color options- Black, Blue, and Orange. Apart from trekking, this becomes an excellent choice to wear in winter over your everyday clothes.

The total weight of the jacket is only 300 grams and thus is easy to carry around whenever you are not wearing it. The jacket is capable of being folded into a small pouch and fits inside your luggage without taking much space. 

Moreover, you get a high neck structure to give you complete coverage from the top. However, users can adjust the zipper accordingly and fold the high neck column. Two side pockets (one on either side) on the jacket are handy while storing small items on the way. 

The jacket can be practical for temperatures as low as -5 degrees without any significant concern. Hence, you can purchase this jacket as there are several features that make it a perfect choice for your next trekking journey.

Product Description:

  •       Product Manufacturer- Wildcraft
  •       External Material- Nylon
  •       Inner fur- 90% Down Feather
  •       Weight- 300 grams
  •       Effective for -5 degrees Celcius conditions
  •       High neck protection
  •       2 Side pockets
  •       Durable zipper and runner
  •       Available Colors- Black, Blue, and Orange


Protection against moisture
It keeps you warm and dry
Extremely Lightweight


Not waterproof
No zippers on the pockets

Here we have another Columbia Men’s Jacket that is suitable for trekking and other similar outdoor activities. You can wear the jacket in cold weather without worrying about anything as you get synthetic layering on the product.

Thus, it will keep you warm even during the snowfall on the journey.  Although, you still need to wear a couple of clothes below for the best results.

 This trekking jacket is quite sturdy yet only weighs 450 grams due to its unique fur. It provides warmth and prevents the jacket from being overweight as you need to carry it on high altitudes. 

The best part about the trekking jacket is that it has an additional cap to cover your head and neck. This cap is merged with the collars so that there is no hap between the layers.

The only downfall of this feature is that you can’t remove the cap as it is non-detachable. If you feel hot, just align the lid as your collar and use it as a muffler. The long sleeves are perfect for shielding your wrists while holding anything in your hands. 

Also, you can usually clean it in the washing machine without the need for dry cleaning. Moreover, customers can get a wide variety of colors in this trekking jacket like Brown, Grey, Black, Navy, Purple, and many more.

Product Description:

  •       Manufacturer- Columbia
  •       External Material- Synthetic
  •       Long sleeves
  •       Suitable for machine wash
  •       Item Weight- 400 grams
  •       Available in 19 colors
  •       Merged cap
  •       Zippers on the pockets
  •       Heat reflective lining


Extra neck cover from the front
Comfortable for long hours
Durable and long-lasting


Non-detachable hood
Not suitable for snowfall

Next, you can try the Columbia Men’s Synthetic Jacket for various outdoor journeys in the winter season. 

It is a classic fit jacket that is quite effective for activities like trekking, safari, traveling, camping, skiing, and whatnot. 

It is a rugged product that can keep you warm and dry, even on a rainy or windy day. 

Being water-resistant, you can quickly wear it to protect your inner clothes from getting wet. Also, it will provide coverage to your upper body from getting attacked by ice-cold winds in the mountains. 

The additional layer under the material allows better warmth in extreme conditions. However, you can even wear the trekking jacket in any season as it is built for all-season usage.

It is a lightweight product that weighs not more than 350 grams, making it a perfect choice for trekking and hiking. The manufacturer recommends you go for a size bigger than your standard fit for this trekking jacket. 

You get two side pockets on this jacket that are relatively deep enough to carry important stuff on the way. It can easily hold your mobile and other items without the risk of falling as the pockets have a zipper on end. 

There is an extra pocket on the chest region, which comes in handy on several occasions. The Omni-shield technology material makes the trekking jacket both water and stain-resistant. Make sure to adjust the cuffs for a comfortable and secure fit.

Product Description:

  •       Manufacturer- Columbia
  •       Item weight- 350 grams
  •       Omni Shield Technology
  •       Durable and long-lasting
  •       Zippered chest pocket
  •       Waterproof
  •       Neck guard on the back
  •       Two side pockets with secure locking zips
  •       Machine washable in cold water


Adjustable cuffs for increasing comfort
Suitable for high altitudes
Abrasion-resistant chin guard


Not suitable for snowfall

The Columbia Men’s Watertight II Jacket will probably be the most effective and superior trekking jacket of this blog. It is a rain jacket that means you can wear it without any issues during the downpour.

Also, you get a waterproofing layer on the external surface, and hence there is no risk of getting wet.

 No doubt that it is watertight but still provides enough breathing room to your body. The unique Omni-Tech technology has tiny pores all over the trekking jacket that prevents water from passing through them. 

However, they are large enough so that water vapor can move and enhances the ventilation. All the seams are perfectly sealed and secured from the outside to avoid any leakage.

This trekking jacket does not need anything extra while cleaning and can be machine washed in cold water. Make sure not to use any harsh detergents or bleach as it can damage the surface. 

It is pretty durable and weighs only 390 grams, which is just enough for an ideal trekking jacket. The customers also get an abrasion-resistant chin guard that will protect your face from skin chafing. You will be secured from gaining accidental strikes from the zipper while closing or opening the jacket.

Product Description:

  •       Manufacturer- Columbia
  •       External Material- Double Layer Fabric
  •       Omni-Tech Technology
  •       Air permeable membrane
  •       Sealed Seams
  •       Total Weight- 386 grams
  •       Available Color- Black
  •       Machine washable
  •       Merged cap on the top
  •       Durable zippers


Additional chin guard
Additional pockets


Not suitable for snowfall

Moving further, we have another trekking jacket from Columbia, which is equally good as all other jackets from the manufacturer.

The Columbia Men Fleece Jacket is a perfect traveling jacket as it is incredibly lightweight with only 282 grams of total weight.

The overall design of the trekking jacket is meant to provide comfort and warmth to the customers.

 The outer material of the jacket is constructed from synthetic polyester so that it becomes moisture resistant. Moreover, the soft inner fleece helps to protect your chest and upper body from the cold atmosphere. 

It is a sleeveless jacket that gives you unrestricted movement while climbing rocky terrain or holding your trekking pole. Make sure to wear some full sleeves attire under it if necessary during snowfall or rain.

You also get a pair of zippered pockets to cover your hands or to store various valuable items that you might need on the way. The jacket looks perfectly fine, even over some other innerwear, as the material is pretty sturdy. 

Customers have a choice between two different colors- Black and Navy Blue. You only need to wash it using simple cold water with a mild detergent. A regular machine wash will do so that you can get ready for your next journey as soon as possible!

Product Description:

  •       Manufacturer- Columbia
  •       Material Used- Polyester
  •       Inner fur- Fleece style
  •       Total weight- 282 grams
  •       Classic fit structure
  •       Sleeveless nature
  •       Double pockets on each side
  •       Durable zipper to protect your chest
  •       High neck collar
  •       Stylish and long-lasting


Zipper for closing pockets
Soft inner touch
Comfortable for long treks


Lacks a hoodie for complete coverage
Not waterproof

This is Indian Made trekking jacket company that is 100% made up of Nylon. Nothing matches with this ultralight trekking jacket that people wouldn’t even notice that they are wearing until they see it.

Qube’s reputation precedes it; with the features and thoughtful design that the company is known for, it’s no surprise that their Trekking jackets made it on our top 10 list of the best trekking jackets.

 This trekking jacket is not only waterproof and weatherproof, and it is, however, snow-proof to an extent. You’ll need a lower waist cut shape, a thicker covering, and more sturdy sleeves if you’re going to a snowy region, and this is among the best trekking jackets for that condition. 

There are many other trekking jackets available if you’re thinking about going skiing, but keep in mind that these are expensive shell coats. You’ll stay dry in this trekking jacket, which has two layers of a strong, thermal insulating, water-resistant finish.

Our wear-testers experts test every trekking jacket in Fort Collins. Then the company makes the design according to their feedback. 

It is also a high-quality winter trekking jacket with a comfortable fit as well as a laid-back appearance. Its hood can be detachable. It is indeed a super-warm jacket with an accent color lining for all winter circumstances.

Product Description:

  • Company Name: Qube by Fort Collins
  • 700 gm in Weight
  • Material Type: 100% Nylon
  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: ‎ 71.1 x 45.7 x 7.6 Centimeters
  • Available in 2 different colors: Grey & Olive
  • Long Sleeve Jacket
  • Generic: Men’s Trekking Jacket
  • Easily Washable with hands
  • Hooded Trekking Jacket


Breathable and Comfortable
Water-Resistant & Weather-Resistant
Comfortable for long treks


Quality of the hoody chain is bad

The Columbia Men’s Synthetic Trekking Jacket is hard to beat whenever it comes to lightweight trekking jackets. It weighs just 460 gm, which is quite comfy and provides excellent protection for such a small compact.

Columbia Men’s Synthetic Trekking Jacket is made up of 100% Polyester, which protects your body from hot wind and winter wind because this trekking jacket is made with Omni-Heat & Omni-Wind technology. 

This Columbia Men’s Lightweight Trekking Jacket is easy to clean and maintain and can be washed in the washing machine. 

However, you must read the instructions at least twice to understand how to wash your trekking jackets properly. Fabrics coated with Omni Shield could also dry quicker than normal materials.

This Columbia Men’s Synthetic Trekking Jacket is adaptable, robust, and long-lasting; it performs well during mild weather & keeps you warm, dry, and comfy. 

But like other softshells, the jacket might fail if it rains or snows too hard, but this will perform admirably after that. Because the jacket isn’t as breathable as it looks like, it isn’t ideal for fast-paced trekking or mountain hiking.

Product Description:

  • Company Name: Columbia
  • 460 gm in Weight
  • Material Type: 100% Polyester
  • Package Dimensions: ‎ 30 x 30 x 20 Centimeters
  • Available in 24 different colors
  • Long Sleeve Jacket
  • Generic: Trekking Jacket
  • Machine Washable


You can wash this trekking jacket in a machine also
Water-Resistant & Weather-Resistant
Comfortable for long treks


Not water-resistant
Chest pocket chain is not good

This male generic Columbia Trekking Jacket is a multi-purpose jacket that you can wear anywhere. The Columbia trekking jacket is a great choice. 

This jacket is multifunctional, with a soft shell that gives enough protection & breathability and pit-zips that allow for temperature regulation.

 In the summer, it’s ideal for hiking/walking/camping, and in the winter, it’s ideal for ski touring. It has a sturdy shell with a flexible yet long-lasting polyester texture. 

This jacket provides excellent weather protection due to the use of robust material and superior seams. Warm side pockets, wrist adjustment, a waistline tightening, are all included in the feature package.

It’s a well-rounded trekking jacket that seems equipped to take on even the worst weather. We put it through its paces in the Himalayan, Forest, and rocky mountains and have yet to uncover deficiencies.

Bear in mind that this trekking jacket is quite water-resistant, but it is not completely waterproof. However, for the pricing, you are getting excellent value.

Product Description:

  • Company Name: Columbia
  • 410 gm in Weight
  • Material Type: 100% Polyester
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎ 22.9 x 20.3 x 2.5 Centimeters
  • Available in 15 different colors
  • Long Sleeve Jacket
  • Generic: Trekking Jacket
  • Machine Washable


Quality of the Jacket is Amazing
You can wash this trekking jacket in a machine also
Comfortable from inside


Not waterproof
It has no hoody

This jacket is entirely made up of fleece material. This fleece material is both flexible and warm. You will not be dissatisfied if you wear it anytime during cold weather. 

Quechua MH120 Men’s Mountain Hiking Fleece is available in several colors at a reasonable price. It is a pretty simple fleece that will keep you warm whether you’re camping, hiking, trekking, or on the go. 

It’s so adaptable that you could wear it regularly and not only for trekking. Fleece coats, like this Quechua, aren’t waterproof and aren’t ideal for sweaty sports. These are ideal for casual hikers since they are both warm and comfortable.

This fleece-made trekking jacket is really comfy. Because the fleece material is suitable for temperatures below 5°C in the winter, you must think about wearing it as a layering instead of wearing it alone if it gets colder.

This is a wonderful choice to carry if you’re going on a short multi-day hike during the winter or springtime and knowing that you’ll have a lot of free time at the camping area or mountainous region.

Product Description:

  • Company Name: Quechua
  • 260 gm in Weight
  • Material Type: 100% Fleece
  • Package Dimensions: ‎ 23.37 x 20.57 x 8.38 Centimeters
  • Available in different sizes
  • Long Sleeve Jacket
  • Generic: Camping & Outdoor purpose


It comes with two warmed side pockets
Comfortable Stretchy Fabric
Comfortable from inside


Not waterproof
High-neck, so difficult to wear for long term

How to Pick the Best Trekking Jacket ?

You have already seen all the trekking jackets listed in the reviews section, along with their pros and cons. However, it is tedious to choose the best trekking jacket, especially when you don’t know much about the products.

 Each jacket is unique in its own sense and brings comfort in different situations accordingly. Thus, it would be best to focus on various aspects of the trekking jackets before making the final call. 

Some may be good for long routes, while others may be perfect for extreme weather conditions. All the factors that you need to consider are mentioned below,


The first thing you should look for is how well the jacket keeps you warm despite the cold surroundings. The trekking jackets are designed to protect your core and keep it at an average temperature. 

However, the inner lining of the trekking jackets determines a lot about this factor. Ensure to check the inner fur in the regions that will be directly in contact with your body. 

Also, avoid buying thing jackets as they won’t be much effective compared to the thick trekking coats. There are high-end jackets that have a unique thermal-insulating material that maintains the core’s temperature.


No matter how warm your jacket is, it won’t be of any use if there is moisture inside the fur. Waterproof jackets are a must while going on a trek with your family and friends, especially in the areas where you expect drizzling. 

Thus, your jacket should have an external water-resistant layer that will not allow water to seep inside. Although, consider trekking jackets with Omni-tech technology that improves the jacket’s breathability and makes it waterproof. 

On the other hand, wet jackets will harm your body as you will be in a cold environment.

Length and Fitting

When we talk about the fitting of the trekking jacket, it includes all the points like long sleeves, adjustable coughs, enough breathing space near the chest, and many more. 

You don’t want your coat to be tight, making it harder to walk for long periods. Also, you will be carrying other stuff that will put pressure on your back shoulders. 

The length of the trekking jacket should be appropriate so that you can be comfortable on the trip. It is advisable to get a more extended build as it will protect your waist and the upper region of the thighs.


Some of the customers don’t have any preferences regarding the hood of the trekking jackets. However, experts recommend buying jackets that have an additional hood for covering your head. 

If you are planning to trek in tropical rainforest areas, you might encounter a heavy shower. Also, the hood will act as an extra cover that can be used during rain or snowfall. 

Mostly, the hood is removable from the main torso with a zipper so that jacket can be used both ways. Don’t forget to have a chin guard below the hood, as it will protect you from getting accidental injuries.

Side Pockets

Side pockets make the trekking jacket more usable and trendy as you can carry a lot of important stuff. There are usually a pair of deep pockets, one on either side of the jacket for better accessibility. 

It is important to check that your hands can easily reach out to the end of pockets without any significant problem. 

A zipper on the top will be much practical as you will no longer need to worry about your items getting out of your pocket while climbing. Although, some trekking jackets may have another chest pocket for more storage space.


You will not wear your trekking jacket for the whole time as trekking is a physical job that will make you sweat. Therefore, you might require to remove the jacket and carry it with you. 

Similarly, some customers prefer to fold it and store it in the luggage along with other clothes. This is the reason that you want your trekking jacket lightweight and easy to store without any issues. 

Moreover, it would be best if the trekking jacket is foldable and has a removable hoodie.


Q1: What are the types of trekking jackets?

There are several types of trekking jackets, each with a unique fundamental purpose. Below are the most prevalent varieties of jackets that are worn nowadays: 

  • Down Jackets
  • Fleece Jackets
  • Winter Jackets
  • Insulated Jackets
  • Hard & Soft Shell Jackets

Q2: What are the major criteria for choosing the best trekking jackets in 2021?

There are a few important aspects to consider while selecting the finest trekking jacket. The following considerations are essential for choosing the appropriate trekking jacket for your next excursion:

  • Water-Resistive or Waterproofed
  • Comfortable
  • Thermal Insulated
  • Length of the Trekking Jacket
  • Hoody
  • Folding & Storage
  • Durability
  • Lightweight
  • Sleeves

Q3: What kind of jacket is best for trekking? 

It all depends on your preferences and, in particular, the hiking location you choose. If you are going in a really cold or snowy environment, an insulated trekking jacket is an excellent choice.

Jackets made of fleece are ideal for a variety of weather situations. However, in this instance, a genuine long sleeve down jacket with great water-resistant features is the best alternative.

Q4: What is the most efficient method for cleaning trekking jackets? 

All trekking jackets come with a specific cleaning and care handbook. However, the most accessible approach to clean a trekking jacket is to use regular detergent in conjunction with other clothing or put some tennis balls if you are cleaning it alone in the washing machine.

This allows the down in the jackets to breathe while they are being washed. The safest approach to clean is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions booklet.

Q5: Is it necessary to have a Gore-Tex® membrane trekking jacket? 

GORE-TEX® is a well-known waterproof membrane technology that numerous companies use because of its durability, resilience, and dependability. Other companies, however, are so confident with their alternatives that they opt not using GORE-TEX® at all, while others use it in some goods as well as their own membranes with others.

If you’re deciding between a GORE-TEX trekking jacket or a non-GORE-TEX trekking jacket, firstly examine the other characteristics, then analyze if this kind of technology will make much difference on your excursions or not.


We hope that our article is informative for you. Well, in today’s trekking market, there are indeed plenty of trekking jackets brands to choose from. It isn’t easy because every trekking jacket company claims to be the finest and trustworthy.

But, you don’t have to trust every company; you have to do your research from your end before buying your trekking jackets.

We’ve reviewed the top 10 best trekking jackets in 2021 from the most well-known manufacturers like Columbia, VERSATYL, Quecha, etc. Each of these items are from well-known companies and have incredible features.

All these trekking jackets are distinctive in their own way, so look through them one by one to discover the ideal one for you.

However, by reviewing the characteristics of each Trekking Jacket listed in this article, you should be able to find the product that best meets your needs.

Hopefully, this article has given you all of the necessary information you needed to make a perfect decision. Our selection also contains practical jackets that may provide you comfort and warmth.

In cooler weather, especially during temperatures falling with each step closer to the top or at high altitudes, it could slow down your hiking speed and sometimes even induce hypothermia.

It also has an effect on blood pressure, which can become catastrophic for backpackers. Trekking Jackets not only protect your body from the cold, but it also stops the body from losing heat. 

If you purchase a decent trekking jacket, we may guarantee you a pleasant and cozy hiking experience. Now though, you may have discovered the finest jacket for trekking that meets all of your criteria.

All ten of the jackets listed above are from well-known brands with a decent guarantee term. Furthermore, they are all long-lasting and the best among all 50 jackets which we have reviewed and selected these top 10 best trekking jackets.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this top 10 best trekking jackets in the 2021 review, and We wish you a happy camping trip with your new trekking jackets!

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