Best Trekking Poles in 2021 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide


Are you searching for the best trekking poles for your next hiking/trekking trip? If yes, we have shortlisted the top 5 best trekking poles in 2021 for you.

You can choose any of the trekking poles listed in this article; they are among the best, comfortable, cost-effective, and durable trekking poles in 2021. 

Trekkers and backpackers benefited from trekking poles for a variety of reasons, including enhanced balance and stability on rocky trails, plus reduced wear & strain on knees and ankles, especially while going downhill.

Trekkers and backpackers prefer trekking poles that are adjustable in lengths and have a clamp-style lever locking adjustment mechanism rather than twist-locks because they are more dependable and easier to fix.

 Carbon fiber trekking poles have grown in popularity in recent years, and their low weight has begun to replace aluminum trekking poles. 

If you’re setting up for trekking, check out our list of the finest foldable, adjustable, lightweight, and affordable trekking poles that will offer you both balance and stability on any terrain. 

All of the top 5 best trekking poles on this list are absolute best-sellers on Amazon. Whenever you look at the number of consumer reports for some of them, you’ll notice that these quantities are in the thousands.

We spent several months studying and analyzing the best trekking poles in 2021 for a wide range of applications and budgets. We’ve tested these poles through their paces in the Himalayan highlands as well as in the desert.

 We evaluated them based on their comfort, compact size, durability, sturdiness, grip material, endurance, stability, and finally its value.

Moreover, there isn’t an ideal trekking pole for everyone, so we’ve discussed some points on how to choose the best trekking pole (such as its weight, comfort, durability, etc.). 

Also, we have listed some of their pros & cons to make it easier to discover the ideal pair of trekking poles for your next excursion. 

If you’re still undecided, check out our buyer’s reviews, their advantages & disadvantages, and FAQs for additional information on how to pick the perfect trekking poles in 2021. Please scroll down to see some of our suggested products, or go to the section you’re interested in:

  • Brand: ‎Udee
  • Material Type: Aluminum
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Add Gear
  • Material Type: Aluminium
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Cascade
  • Material Type: 100% Carbon Fiber
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Medvision
  • Material Type: Aluminim

    Sport: Climbing & Trekking

  • Brand: ‎ADD Gear
  • Material Type: 7075 Aerospace Aluminium
  • Sport: Climbing

Moving on to the next trekking pole, we have UDee Light Weight Retractable Aluminium Alloy Trekking Stick. It is made from a combination of Aluminium Alloy with plastic and foam.

This is the reason that the trekking pole is exceptionally lightweight yet provides strength to the user. 

Please don’t get tricked by the materials used to manufacture the stick, as they all are pretty durable. Coming to the grip of the trekking pole, you get a plastic overhead that brings comfort to your hands. 

Also, the plastic is made of high-graded material that is viable for all weather conditions you may face while trekking. 

There is no doubt in the fact that UDee is a premium brand that delivers the best products to customers across the globe. You do get a nylon material on the outer side for better stability.

Coming down to the tip of the trekking pole, we get a brand-new anti-shocking design that is quite adaptive to the terrain. Moreover, it will reduce the overall impact of the shocks that your hand might encounter while trekking. 

It prevents any significant injury to your hand, wrist, or shoulders while walking on long trails. Users can also tie the additional nylon strap on the wrist for more grip and security. 

Make sure to adjust the tightness according to your convenience. Therefore, you will no longer have to worry about the pole slipping out of your hands. The overall design is kept simple yet elegant for the new as well as the experienced trekkers.

The total weight of the UDee Light Weight Retractable Aluminium Alloy Trekking Stick is merely 100 grams. 

Hence, this would be the lightest trekking pole that you are ever going to purchase. Also, it is suitable for all adventurous trips like hiking, camping, trekking, etc., with minimal issues. 

You can adjust its total length to set the trekking pole at the optimal position with respect to your height. After all, you want the best trekking pole that will be the perfect choice for your next outdoor journey.

Product Description:

  •       Manufacturer- UDee
  •       Total Weight- 100 grams
  •       Material Used- Aluminium
  •       Outer layer of Nylon
  •       Grip material- Plastic
  •       Anti Shock design for damping jerks
  •       Nylon wrist strap to increases grip
  •       Durable
  •       Easy to adjust the adequate height
  •       Best for older people



Easy to carry
Advanced locking system
Breakable in high weight
Get damaged on the rough surface

Cascade Mountain Tech has a large range of hiking/trekking poles, with various poles to suit every trekking enthusiast’s demands.

Choosing the proper trekking pole and attachments will protect your joints and reduce bodily tension, allowing you to enjoy your excursions today and in the future without any difficulty in climbing. 

A trekking pole can help you ascend uphill and also absorb the stress on the knees, ankles, and joints as you drop descent. 

Trekkers will keep a rhythm and enhance pace while using a trekking pole’s proper length and style, whether you’re going uphill, downhill, or even across flat terrain.

This set of adjustable trekking poles are composed of 100% carbon fiber and features a “fast locking” system for instant height adjustments.

This is indeed a lightweight, robust, and compact trekking pole that can easily be used by any man, woman, or child during their excursion (hiking, trekking, camping, or mountaineering). 

Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Fiber Quick Lock Trekking Poles grip is made up of cork, which is indeed very comfortable while handling within your palm.

Cork grips reduce vibration whenever you walk and absorb sweat. This trekking pole has tungsten carbide tips and adjustable wristbands. 

Order your trekking poles now and see how much of a difference they will make in your next trekking trip!

Product Details

  • Company Name: Cascade Mountain Tech
  • 425 gm in weight
  • Shaft Material Type: 100% Carbon Fiber
  • Tip Material: Tungsten Carbide
  • Grip: Cork
  • Having Twist lock locking mechanism
  • Accessories Kit Includes: Rubber Feet, Carrying Clip, Boot Tips, Snow Baskets, & Mud Baskets
  • Have a comfortable and adjustable wrist strap
  • Item Dimension: 68.6 x 5.1 x 12.7 Centimeters
  • Height Range: When trekking pole is fully collapsed 26″, fully extended 54″, disassembled: Upper; 20.75″ Middle; 20″ Lower; 21.25″



Made up of 100% Carbon Fibre
Ultra-light Weight
Easy & Fast height adjustment with quick-lock feature

If you are looking for something superior that will increase your comfort while trekking, the 3 Section adjustable Canes Walking Hiking Sticks would be an ideal choice for you.

It has a telescopic design with three flexible sections that can adjust accordingly.

 The structure of the trekking pole is designed to provide comfort to the customers despite the weather conditions. It is made from aviation aluminum that reduces the weight yet being pretty intense and durable. 

It weighs around 400 grams which is not too shabby for a trekking pole like this. The additional trekking basket for snow and mud prevents it from sinking into soft surfaces. 

Thus, you have better traction on the ground without the issue of slipping or sliding.

Anyone not with a height lower than 6 feet 3 inches can make the perfect use of the Canes Walking Hiking Sticks as you can adjust the length without any issue. 

It can also serve you in areas like the Himalayas, where the weather and terrain are both to the extremities. 

The best part about this trekking stick is the unique shock-absorbing spring system on the lower part. Any sudden shock or jerk is spread across the entire stick, reducing its impact on your hands and wrists. 

Moreover, the trekking pole can adapt to any surface despite being stable every time. If you are lost, you can take the help of directions from the in-build compass on the handle. It may not be perfect, but it will give you an idea to work on.

Product Description:

  •       Manufacturing brand- ADD GEAR Generic
  •       Shaft metal- Aluminium
  •       Adjustable height
  •       Maximum length- 53 inches
  •       Minimum length- 26 inches
  •       Rubber handle
  •       Anti-shock spring mechanism
  •       Removable trekking basket
  •       Adjustable nylon strap on the handle
  •       The weight is 400 grams
  •       Compass for navigation



It does not sink in snow or mud
Telescopic pole for more safety
Improved grip on the handle
Heavy and difficult to hold

If you are looking for something superior that will increase your comfort while trekking, the 3 Section adjustable Canes Walking Hiking Sticks would be an ideal choice for you.

It has a telescopic design with three flexible sections that can adjust accordingly.

Medvision also developed the best trekking poles in the trekking/hiking industry. This lightweight aluminum trekking pole is just 310 grams apiece, weighing in at less than half a kilogram!

It is also one of the lightweight trekking poles on the marketplace, made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum, which can handle any rough surfaces and the challenges of thru-hikes and lengthy treks. 

These poles are simple to install because they are split down into three sections. The three extendable and foldable sections with locks have been added to a modified Medvision’s rapid telescopic stick or trekking pole.

It stops extension limit and centimeter markings on the trekking poles that allow adjusting the poles’ height from 65 cm (at compress size) to 135 cm (at extended size) or to your chosen height in between them according to the terrain you used for, which makes them ideal for steep hills, cross-country skiing, mountaineering, and snowshoeing.

Medvision’s trekking poles are shock-absorbing and have an anti-shock spring system that decreases pressure on your hands and wrists, making it ideal for those people who have weak joints and have previous sports injuries or medical issues; as well as this trekking pole is best for downhill hiking.

This trekking pole material is stable and can be utilized at high altitudes and also in cooler temperatures; it is weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and temperature insensitive (can handle from -112F to 176F).

Product Details

  • Company Name: Medvision
  • 310 gm in weight
  • Shaft Material Type: Aluminium
  • Tip Material: Tungsten Carbide Tip
  • Grip: Rubber
  • It also comes with inbuilt LED light
  • Having Twist lock locking mechanism
  • Have a comfortable and adjustable velcro wrist strap
  • Item Dimension: 55 x 28 x 4 Centimeters
  • Available in Red Colour
  • Height Range: When trekking pole is fully compressed 25″, fully extended 56″.


  • Ultra-light Weight
  • Affordable
  • Durable carbide tungsten tip
  • Comfortable Rubber grip
  • Easy to Adjust
  • It has a LED light that covers 150-degree angle
  • Weather & Corrosion Resistive
  • Reduces maximum pressure on your leg & lower back
  • CONS
  • Not much sturdy
  • Not available in different colors



Easy & Fast height adjustment with quick-lock feature
Shock-absorbing poles provide stability on rocky terrains
Made up of aircraft-grade aluminum
Trekking Pole spring sometime stucks
Sweating in palm makes slippery grip because of rubber grip

The first trekking pole that you should try is the new ADD GEAR Carbonlite Ultrastrong Trekking Pole which has a massive demand in the market.

 You get a complete pair of trekking poles for each hand. We will consider it as a single product in our review as both are the same. 

The pole is made up of rugged 7075 Aerospace Aluminium that provides more durability to the user. Thus, the trekking pole is quite effective for hiking, mountaineering, and trekking expeditions. 

There is no doubt that the pole’s overall weight is around 260 grams per piece, making it a lightweight option for the journey. Also, you will have no issue while carrying it on high altitudes and extreme terrain. 

You get a tungsten tip in the end to provide better traction on various terrains. Further, it prevents any jerk or accidental shocks that can damage the ligaments of your wrist or hand. 

Hence, older adults can ascend without much effort and have a smooth experience. You will not feel fatigued in carrying the trekking pole while covering long stretches along with your luggage and trekking backpacks.

This trekking pole is suitable for downhill trekking as you will not feel any strain on the knee joints or the fingers. The manufacturers used a stable alloy compound, making the trekking pole stand tall even in extreme weather conditions. 

Thus, you can easily take the pole along with you in a cold climate like the Himalayas. Also, the outer layer of the trekking pole resists any kind of corrosion or other external factors. 

The product works perfectly fine in temperatures ranging from -112F to 176F without having any structural deformation. The total height of the trekking pole is adjustable, and hence you can choose the perfect length according to the person using it. 

The maximum size of the ADD GEAR Carbonlite Ultrastrong Trekking Pole is 135 cm and can be reduced to 65 cm when folded completely.The handgrip of the trekking pole is soft and comfortable when you apply more force from the top. 

All thanks to the ergonomically designed handlebars with a unique structure for the proper grip of your palm. The wrist straps are wider and hence lets you properly align your hand on the trekking pole. 

There is no risk of slipping the pole even in sweaty hands as you get sturdy grips with adequate ribs.

Product Description:

  •       Manufacturing Brand- ADD GEAR
  •       Material Used- 7075 Aerospace Aluminium
  •       Suitable for Hiking, Trekking, Camping
  •       Maximum Height is 135 centimeters when stretched
  •       Weight- 260 grams
  •       Durable and Lightweight
  •       Tungsten tip at the end for better endurance
  •       Sturdy build in the cold and hot climate
  •       Adjustable Height from 25” to 63”
  •       Enhanced EVA foam grip of the handles



High-quality tungsten carbide tip
Easy to adjust the height accordingly
Rubber cover to protect the pole’s tip
Loose toe cap

How to Choose the Best Trekking Pole?

You have already gone through the top 5 best trekking poles in 2021 in the previous sections of the blog. All the reviews and opinions went through careful analysis by the experts who have tested the products and generated results. 

how to choose Best Trekking Pole?​

Hence, you can be assured of the overall quality and comfort of the trekking poles. However, you only need a single trekking pole on the way or maybe at most two.

 But we have several options out of which you have to choose the perfect trekking pole according to the requirements. There are several factors that you need to consider before you can decide on the final product. 

Moreover, the choice becomes more crucial if you are new to trekking and don’t have someone to guide you.

Well, we are here to help in the same so that you can have the best trekking experience. Also, you will have a definite reason to choose a specific trekking stick over the other model available. 

Don’t forget to rank your options as a particular pole may be insufficient according to some aspects but will be a perfect choice for overall suitability. Therefore, the significant features of a trekking pole are,


The price or value of any trekking gear like backpacks, tents, poles, etc., is significant for making a choice. Some buyers have a limited budget, while some customers do want the best products irrespective of the price. 

Hence, the first thing that you need to consider is the price of the trekking pole. It doesn’t mean that you should always go for the high-end poles with expensive price tags but also check other products. 

This way, you will have an idea of what to expect from the trekking poles in a particular price range. Mostly, you get a better product in the upper price range, but that is not always the case. 

Moreover, the trekking stick should be value for money that means the manufacturer should not charge you unnecessarily. If you are confused between two trekking poles with similar features and advantages, the price factor could be a tie-breaker.


The next important way to find the best trekking pole is to analyze the product’s total weight. No doubt that there is a difference of only a couple hundred grams between the trekking poles. 

Some even have a few grams here and there, depending on the material used to manufacturer them. The weight factor might not seem realistic on paper as you might neglect it while purchasing. 

However, it can be a huge factor in determining the comfort level on the trek. It won’t be easy to hold the trekking pole with all the weight of the trekking backpack on the shoulders. 

Also, a heavy stick will not provide a firm grip due to its weight. Hence, it would be best to go for a trekking pole that is both lightweight and yet rigid.

Ensure the proper load-carrying capacity of the trekking stick as you will be putting your entire weight on it.


Comfortable trekking is a dream of every person who likes the extreme weather and terrain condition on the way. Although trekking is not as smooth as it looks, it can be made better by having a comfortable trekking pole for additional support. 

Users need to hold the handle of the pole in their hands and put pressure on the grip. It will help you to share the load between your knees and arms to avoid strain in the joints. 

Thus, you should have a trekking pole with soft and comfortable grips to prevent any injury. Expert trekkers believe that the shape and material of the handle determine a lot about comfort. 

Also, check that whether the pole remains sturdy even in the sweaty palms. A wrist strap will be a perfect feature to enhance the overall stability while walking.

Locking Mechanism

You must have seen that all the trekking poles can adjust their lengths according to the user’s preferences. 

These poles can extend or retract with a simple locking mechanism that controls the movement. This feature is quite essential as you don’t have to buy different trekking poles as anyone can use a single piece by adjusting the height. 

The most effective way of doing it is through the telescopic design of the pole. It means that every part of the trekking pole can fit inside the other and freely turn back. 

However, a lock will prevent the stick from collapsing, especially when you are using the pole while trekking. Also, the writs straps should be sturdy enough to withstand your weight while holding the trekking pole. 

If you find it difficult to adjust any movable parts comfortably, try a different model from the manufacturer.


The trekking poles manufacturers tend to keep their sticks foldable so that it is easy to carry them on the trek. This will reduce the total space they require for packing by cutting down the entire length. 

These days we often see Z-poles that are made by cutting the whole length into three segments. Each segment can fold, which reduces its total size by 67%, making it easy to store and carry. 

This design is much effective than the previous telescopic models as it only requires a single arm for folding and unfolding. Further, these trekking poles can be used while climbing rocky terrain or moving on a slope. 

Many manufacturers have their own version of Z-poles that may or may not be practical. Thus, you should check and analyze their foldable nature before placing the order.


You don’t want your trekking pole to break or crack in between your trek and ruin your entire experience. Obviously, you are putting your weight along with the trekking backpack on those sticks. 

Therefore, they need to be durable and robust to handle the force without shattering into pieces. Moreover, the pressure will run through the entire trekking pole right from the handle to the tip. 

A single disturbance in the structure can lead to damaging the whole product. If you break the pole on a downhill trek, you might end up falling and get an injury to your head and knees. 

Both Aluminum and Carbon-fiber trekking poles are proven to be effective in long treks. However, you need to carefully adjust the weight before throwing it on the handle of the trekking pole.


Trekking poles should sustain their strength in extreme weather situations like rain, sunlight, and challenging terrain. 

There are specific poles meant for leveled surfaces, while others may be suitable for slopy regions. It is better to buy a trekking stick that can provide you support in any possible condition. 

It would be a wastage of money to purchase different trekking sticks for a single trip. You will also face difficulties in carrying and storing multiple poles as it will require a lot of luggage space. 

The tip of the pole should have a cover to enhance traction on wet rocks and snow.

7 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are Trekking Poles worth it to buy for my trekking trip?

Trekking poles are not really necessary, although they are often quite useful on different terrains. They effectively balance your weight and reduce the strain on descents on lengthy treks with a large load such as trekking backpacks, camping tents, trekking shoes, etc. They’re also helpful for stabilizing yourself on rough hikes or while trekking along mountainous roads.

Q2: What should be the height of my trekking pole? 

If your arms are bent at a 90-degree angle, your trekking pole grip should comfortably fit within your palm. If your height is nearly 5 feet 1 inch (5’1″ or under), a 100 cm trekking pole is recommended. A 110-115 cm trekking pole will be used by people if your height is up to 5’7″.

A 120cm pole is required for trekkers whose heights are between 5’8″ and 5’11”. And those who are above 6 feet tall should choose the 130cm variant. 

Q3: Should I get two-section or three-section trekking poles? 

Two-section Trekking poles are ideal for activities like day hiking or mountain trekking, which requires you to have your trekking poles within your hands for the majority of the time.

Whereas, three-section trekking poles are perfect for situations like scrambling, wilderness, etc., where you don’t need much help for trekking poles. Three-section trekking poles then can easily be folded and can be put back inside our trekking backpack. 

Q4: What are the different types of trekking poles?

Well, there are mainly two different types of trekking poles; those are Trekking Pole and Hiking Staff.

Trekking poles that are sold as a pair and used together to improve your stability and minimize the stress on your knees during camping and mountaineering. Most of them are length-adjustable, and some include inbuilt springs to absorb stress and decrease the impact. 

Hiking staff, also known as a walking staff or traveling staff, is quite efficient if used over relatively flat ground with little or no luggage on your shoulders.

Hiking staff can be adjusted according to your height, and some even come with a shock-absorbing mechanism. It might even include a small camera attachment integrated into the handle of the hiking staff so that the staff could also be used as a monopod.

Q5: What are the major advantages of having trekking poles?

Well, there are several advantages, but we have listed some:

  • While traveling with a heavy trekking backpack or crossing challenging terrain, trekking poles will improve your steadiness. 
  • Trekking poles help to decrease the stress on your knees as well as other vulnerable joints. It will lessen the overall force of the impact by up to 30% while moving downhill and enabling long walks much more comfortable and enjoyable. 
  • Trekking Poles help you to move quicker! Trekking poles, such as ski poles, assist in propelling you ahead. 
  • Trekking poles will assist you in maintaining a more upright position for improved posture and stability. Hence your back will be less stressed.

Q6: What materials should be the grip of our trekking poles?

Trekking poles grips are completely about comfortness; thus, they come in a range of materials to suit various purposes. The most frequent materials utilized in the trekking poles grips are foam, rubber, and cork.

  • Foam is indeed the lightest, softest, and most comfy material, but that might not be the optimal choice for trekkers who will go on trekking during rainy weather. Foam grip trekking poles will absorb water and degrade more quickly than other materials. 
  • Whereas cork can withstand any dampness. It also gets comfier as you wear it since cork moulds on your palm and therefore is naturally antibacterial, so it doesn’t smell. The drawback? is that it’s heavier than foam and rubber, and cork-grip trekking poles could be more costly. 
  • Rubber isn’t as comfy as the other materials, but this is the best material for the rainy season because they are water-resistant, making it a perfect alternative for skiing and snowboarding. Therefore, water resistance can cause them to chafe during hot weather.

Q7: Should I purchase one or two trekking poles? 

Carrying two trekking poles could be pretty helpful if you’re traveling over challenging, slick terrain or crossing river valleys. But if you’re going on a short trek that is not too difficult and rough, one trekking pole could be enough.

Some people don’t use trekking poles for hiking/trekking because they have many years of experience, but if you are going for the first time, also you don’t have a knowledge of the terrains we suggest you buy trekking poles because they will support you to walk on rocky, mountainous, steep terrains.


We hope that our article is informative for you. Well, in today’s trekking market, there are indeed a plethora of trekking poles brands to choose from. It isn’t easy because every trekking poles company claims to be the finest and trustworthy.

But, you don’t have to trust every company; you have to do your research from your end before buying your trekking poles. 

That is why we’ve reviewed the top 5 best trekking poles in 2021 from the most well-known manufacturers. Each of these items is from well-known companies and has incredible features.

All these trekking poles are distinctive in their own way, so look through them one by one to discover the ideal one for your trekking trip.

However, by reviewing the characteristics of each trekking pole listed in this article, you will be able to find the product that best meets your needs.

Hopefully, this article has given you all of the necessary information you needed to make a perfect decision to select your trekking pole.

We hope you have enjoyed reading these top 5 best trekking poles in the 2021 review, and We wish you a happy camping trip with your new trekking poles!

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