Best Trekking Shoes For Women In 2021- Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best Trekking Shoes For Women In 2021- Ultimate Buyer’s Guide


Are you in search of trekking shoes for women? And couldn’t find which trekking shoes you must choose. Well, we have listed the top 10 best trekking shoes for women in 2021. Your trekking experience is incomplete without having perfect trekking shoes because they will help you in the journey. 

Many experts advise getting yourself a pair of modern & comfortable trekking shoes before walking on those challenging trails. Wearing sports shoes during trekking is dangerous.

 Moreover, several factors like rainfall, snow, bad terrain, and off-roading can give you a nightmare in regular shoes or sporty shoes. Further, trekking shoes provide better traction and grip that can be a life-saving trait in many instances. 

We are sure that you are not the only person who would like to drag heavy and useless boots till the end. We hope! You might be wondering how to solve this issue of having suitable and affordable trekking footwear? 

Well, that’s why we are here to tell you about the Best Hiking Shoes for Women in 2021 and their products’ detailed reviews.

These products have made their way after passing several complex tests and discussions by our expert’s panel. We made sure to bring the best of the best products that are currently available in the market.

 Choosing a proper pair of trekking shoes is more important than any other element of the attire. This choice becomes even more essential for the new trekkers, vloggers, and hikers as they will experience it for the first time. 

We bring some of the most renowned brands like Columbia, Quechua, Campus, Sparx, and many more. Therefore, you should spare some time going through this review to help you make an optimal choice regarding your trekking shoes. Let’s dive straight into the reviews section.

  • Brand: ‎Columbia
  • Material Type: Synthetic
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Columbia
  • Material Type: Synthetic
  • Sport: Climbing
  • Brand: ‎Quechua
  • Material Type: Synthetic
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Quechua
  • Material Type: Synthetic
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Columbia
  • Material Type: Synthetic
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Power
  • Material Type: Synthetic
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Campus
  • Material Type: Synthetic
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Sparx
  • Material Type: Synthetic
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Columbia
  • Material Type: Synthetic
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking

The Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus shoes are one of the popular trekking boots available in the market. These trekking shoes have a leather sole that makes them more firm on muddy surfaces.

 No doubt that you get advanced traction control due to OMNI GRIP technology. It allows you a stable trek due to specially formulated material and treads suitable for any track. 

Apart from being extremely comfortable, these trekking shoes have PU leather to make them waterproof. 

The mesh covering on the boots helps create space for air circulation at the bottom of the feet. Also, customers get extra cushioning to enhance their overall performance on the trails.

The total weight of the pair is about 1040 grams which is relatively average compared to other competitors. 

You can wear these shoes for various activities like trekking, hiking, camping, and other adventurous sports. Customers can proudly walk on wet rocks as the multidirectional treads provide enough traction on the ground. 

The construction of the shoes is similar to having boots that are both safe and reliable.Also, the closure system of the trekking shoes is lace-up that begins from the Techlite midsole itself. 

Further, D-rings provide a more secure locking position of the laces to enhance the grip of the shoes. Hence, you can consider buying them for your next trek and make the most of it.

Product Details

  • Newton Ridge Plus Leather support.
  • The total weight is 1040 grams
  • Available in 4 different color options
  • Outdry technology for better aeration
  • More surface of contact due to VIBRAM
  • Useful for trekking and hiking
  • Vibram construction for the sole


Lightweight midsole for enhancing comfort
Flexible laces for comfort


The sole is not hard enough to protect from thorns.

Moving on to the next trekking shoes for women, we have Columbia Women’s Redmond V2 Mid Wp shoes. 

These are not only excellent for trekking purposes but also provide equal assistance while on a hike. These regular-width shoes are pretty comfortable with a round toes structure for more stability. 

Moreover, you get a splendid rubber sole on the bottom that generates better traction using Omni-grip technology.

Thus, the trekking shoes for women stick efficiently to the ground irrespective of the terrain. The shoes fit perfectly in the feet due to the well-aligned lace-up closure system from the midsole and joined to the top. The best part is that you get meshy material on the top for a proper ventilation facility.

Many customers choose it over other models in the market due to its incredibly less weight of 350 grams. It feels like you are floating in the air after wearing the trekking shoes. 

Further, it minimizes the effort while walking across challenging courses during the journey. The trekking shoes are waterproof and will keep your feet warm and dry even in rainy conditions. 

They don’t let water enter but are very efficient in allowing the air to pass through it. All thanks to the unique double-breathable technology used in the mid-sole of the trekking boots. Overall, these are some of the finest trekking shoes for women in 2021 that you can try.

Product Details

  • The shoes weigh around 350 grams
  • Suitable for trekking and hiking
  • Lace-up closure
  • Flat heels for more traction
  • Rubber sole increases control
  • Omni-grip outsole
  • Mesh outer material for ventilation


Flexible and durable

Round toes for comfort

Sellers warranty for 180 days


The build quality is not up to the mark

We have yet another pair of trekking shoes from Columbia, which proves their domination in the market of trekking shoes for women.
The all-new Columbia Women’s Crestwood Waterproof track and field shoes will be the perfect choice for young enthusiasts.

They include some top-notch features that make them ideal for going out on a trek, especially in the hilly areas. 

The bottom sole is primarily manufactured from rubber using the Omni-grip technology that delivers more traction on the ground. This technology includes creating tiny pores in the shoe membrane to prevent water from entering inside. 

However, water vapors can easily escape making the trekking shoes breathable but water-resistant. It means you will not slip or fall while climbing wet rocks and other hard surfaces.

The Techlite lightweight midsole is specially designed to withstand the pressure of extreme terrain and adventurous activities. It will not only make the shoes shred extra weight but also improve the overall functioning. 

Thus, your feet will be protected by the all-around cushioning present inside the trekking shoes. There is no doubt that the shoes are built to last longer to prove their worth. 

Further, the Omni Tech is a triple-layered breathable material that gives the best waterproofing results. The Columbia Women’s Crestwood Waterproof track and field shoes can quickly come on an average budget. 

Therefore, place your online order today and get them shipped before your next trekking trip.

Product Details:

  • The total weight is 340 grams
  • Techlite cushioning support for comfort
  • Omni-grip technology for enhanced traction control
  • Rubber sole
  • The additional heel height on 0.5 inches
  • Best for trekking and outdoor expeditions
  • Multiple color options to choose



Comfort fit
Improved ventilation pores
Works find during snowfall
Ankle strain due to the absence of support
Laces get untied regularly

The Quechua MH 100 Women’s Waterproof Mountain hiking shoes may seem appropriate for hiking or camping. 

However, many experts believe that they stand adequate even for trekking purposes. They do stand valid on each point and give the best results in any criteria regarding trekking.

 The sole of these trekking shoes for girls / women  is developed using a synthetic material called Ethylene Vinyl Acetate.  These are specially designed to match the feet alignment of women that is slightly slim fit compared to the men’s trekking boots. 

The total weight of the Quechua MH 100 shoes is only 500 grams which is pretty light, making them an obvious choice. We recommend this pair of shoes to beginners who want something simple yet practical for the terrain.

Moreover, it can provide better traction support in various conditions like rain, snow, and slippery rocks. The main motive of the EVA midsole is to provide more cushioning to your feet and deliver comfort during long treks.

 Customers do get an incorporated toe cap to protect the toes while bumping against rocks or boulders. Obviously, you want your trekking shoes to have the most valuable features and amenities. 

Don’t forget to note the waterproofing technology used in the Quechua women’s hiking shoes, which is an essential aspect of this product. It will be helpful when you encounter surprise precipitation during the journey.

Product Details:

  • The synthetic sole of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • The total weight is 500 grams
  • Cushioning due to EVA midsole
  • Suitable for hiking and trekking
  • More traction in extreme weather conditions
  • Rubber toe guard to protect against bumps



Better grip on the slippery surface
Two years manufacturing warranty
Lightweight and easy to clean
Adequate for beginners
Laces are not tight
Less durable sole

We are almost at the mid of our journey of best trekking shoes for women in 2021, where we have another product from Quechua. Many experienced trekkers tend to include the Quechua NH150 Mid Women’s Waterproof walking boots in their list. 

Why not! They are one of the proven models manufactured by a renowned brand. You get a rubber sole in the trekking boots that is quite effective for off-road tracks. 

These medium-width shoes are waterproof with a breathable material that provides adequate ventilation for your feet. 

Moreover, the trekking boots are practically tested to work absolutely fine for a couple of hours in the rain. Therefore, you can trust their build quality that will give you a seamless experience on the trek.

Customers also get additional ankle support as the shoes have a medium height of upper that completely covers the ankle. The ankle is also covered with a cushion to prevent any kind of scratches while climbing rocks.

 Some might think that they are meant for casual walking, but they are equally suitable for trekking. It has a unique 5mm insole sock that will absorb any additional moisture entering the boots. 

The insole sock is also capable of reducing the shock impact and helps in saving energy while walking.

Product Details:

  • Rubber sole for traction
  • Waterproof lining tested in rain
  • Increased grip on slippery tracks
  • Suitable for outdoor trekking and sports
  • Insole sock for more traction



Quite effective in every season
Sturdy build quality
Open-cell rubber sole
Non-breathable outer membrane
The toe guard is absent

Columbia Women’s Oxford Tan is a high-intensity, best trekking shoe for women in 2021, which is made with three layers of waterproof, lightweight, and superior breathable design. 

This sleek and elegant women trekking shoe not only adjusts all your actions, whether you walk, lunge, pivot, or jump, but it also provides optimum comfort over different types of terrain.

If you are searching for trekking shoes for women, Columbia Women’s Oxford Tan is among the top 10 best trekking shoes for women in 2021 on our list. 

It has Omni-Tech waterproof and breathable shell fabric with completely sealed seams, extreme cushioning with Techlite, high-level traction with Omni Grip, comfort fit, and lightweight design. 

This excellent Colombian product fits well within your budget. However, it has achieved the fundamental standards of long-lasting and best trekking shoes for women as a low-cost item. 

Mesh and suede leather together make up the upper part of this shoe. The upper section is made of a webbing material that allows for ventilation. Columbia Women’s Oxford Tan comes in 4 different colors; Light Grey, Light Grey + Sky Blue, Black, Mub/Intense Violet. 

Columbia might be an excellent alternative if you feel uncomfortable with low-heeled trekking shoes. This shoe’s heel height is merely 0.5 inches. All of the water vapor within these shoes is ventilated out through the Omni-tech 3 layered air-permeable membrane on the shoe’s upper section.

 In these trekking shoes, your feet will not sweat. When walking over bumpy surfaces, these shoes will keep your feet steady. Your feet will not tremble even if you are on the water.

Product Details

  • Company Name: Columbia
  • Available in 4 different Color
  • 351 gm in Weight
  • Heel Height: 0.5 inches
  • Sole Type: Rubber
  • Closure Type: Lace-Up
  • Only for Women
  • Best Trekking Shoes for Women
  • Three-Layered Waterproof air-permeable membrane
  • 180 Day product warranty on manufacturing defects
  • For Trekking Purposes only



Advanced Traction with Omni-Tech Grip
Best for Breathability
Good Ankle Support
Comfortable and Water Resistive
Design of the shoes can be improved
Sole Rubber Quality can be improved

If anybody is looking for the best trekking shoes for women, Power Women’s Burton L Running Shoes is among the best ones on our list. Power Women’s Burton L is breathable and lightweight running shoes .

which will provide good traction on different terrains (whether it is a rocky or rough surface); it will also reduce the chances of slippingCushioning is pretty good, making 

it comfortable and the best trekking shoes for women. Whenever you’re out for jogging, running, or hiking, these Power Women’s Burton L Running Shoes will provide you with limitless comfort. 

Power Women’s Burton L Running Shoes are available in two different colors: Orange and Blue on Amazon, Flipkart, and on other eCommerce Websites. These shoes are lightweight and offer you excellent traction assurance on the all-terrain, thanks to their synthetic upper and PU (polyurethane) sole. 

These sneakers have a synthetic inner for extra comfort, appearing sporty while worn with a tracksuit and are a perfect choice for trekking shoes for girls too. 

Product Details

  • Company Name: Power
  • Available in 2 Different Color: Orange and Blue
  • 620 gm in Weight
  • Heel Type: Flat
  • Material Type: Canvas
  • Sole Type: Rubber
  • Closure Type: Lace-Up
  • Regular Ankle Height
  • Only for women
  • 90 Day product warranty on manufacturing defects
  • All-purpose shoes (Running, Hiking, and Trekking)



Great Performance during running
Great Hybrid Design
Lightweight Design
Soft sole and comfortable to wear
Shoes Material Quality can be improved
You have to buy one size bigger than your actual size

The campus is amongst the most dependable and trustworthy footwear brands in India, focusing on customer’s comfort, convenience, durability, and value for money. Their goal is to make shoes that fit your feet properly and are incredibly comfortable right out of the box.


Campus Women’s Alexa Running Shoes is a high rebound designed women trekking shoe that injects a supreme level of comfortness and feels a great energy level while wearing it. 

These elegant shoes are indeed the excellent inspiration for a smart outfit. If you want to look good, you can even try these shoes with trousers and pants. Campus Women’s Alexa Running Shoes are available in four different colors: Navy/Pink, Off White, Black/Golden, Black/Rani on Amazon, Flipkart, and other eCommerce Websites. 

The Upper Material is made up of mesh which provides proper ventilation. These high-quality mesh tops will keep your feet cool and comfortable for long periods. 

Campus Women’s Alexa Running Shoes Sole are made up of phylon material. The phylon sole prevents slipping and provides a secure grip. The cushioned sole assures you that your feet are relaxed all day, and you will have the best grip possible. 

These shoes are designed to provide maximum convenience without compromising elegance. Campus Women’s Alexa Running Shoes has zero moisture, anti-fungal, odour-free, pain relief super soft insole. 

This pair has a circular curved tip to match your sporting appearance. For a dynamic appearance, combine these shoes with your sportswear or a pair of tights and a T-shirt.

Product Details

  • Company Name: Campus
  • Available in 4 different colors
  • 900 gm in Weight
  • Heel Type: Flat
  • Round Toe Style
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Only for Women
  • Amongst best trekking shoes for women
  • 30 Day product warranty on manufacturing defects
  • All-purpose shoes (Running, Hiking, and Trekking)



Affordable Pricing Trekking Shoes
It comes under the Low-Heel Height Sole category
Knitted upper construction on shoes provides good ventilation.
Super Soft Insole
Ankle Support needs improvement
Slightly Heavy for running but suitable for trekking

Sparx is the company of the most fashionable ranges of shoes (running, hiking, trekking), sandals (women and men), and slippers, which are all specifically designed to match the new fashion trends for this generation.

 It is a famous young brand for individuals who dare to travel the globe or go on a trekking with family and friends. Sparx Women’s Sx0088l Running Shoes is also one of the best trekking shoes for women in 2021, which is also known for its durable and attractive designs. 

It is a stunning line of footwear by Relaxo Footwears Ltd., a company known for supplying unmatched quality to hundreds of millions of people in India and throughout the world.

 Ever since it started, the firm has set a standard for providing the highest quality footwear at affordable pricing.

Sparx has a footwear collection that will keep your feet comfortable while walking, running, or working out at the gym. They’re lightweight, flexible, and quite pleasant to wear. 

Sparx Women’s Sx0088l Running Shoes are available in four different colors: Black/Red, Dark Violet/Pink, Violet/Pink, Grey/Pink on Amazon, Flipkart, or from other different eCommerce stores. 

Shoe Care Instruction: Leaving your shoes out in the air and deodorizing regularly can help them maintain their original form. To avoid stains and dirt, put your shoes in shoe boxes. 

Use a clean brush or cloth to remove any dried dirt particles from the shoe sole and surfaces; do not use polish or shiner it will damage your shoe material quality.

Product Details

  • Company Name: Sparx
  • Available in four different and elegant colors
  • 500 gm in Weight
  • Heel-Type: Flat
  • Round Toe Style Design
  • Closure Type: Lace-Up
  • Only for Women
  • Outer Material of Shoes is made up to Denim
  • 30 Day product warranty on manufacturing defects
  • All-purpose shoes (Running, Hiking, and Trekking)



Lightweight and soft insole
You can also wear on casual clothes too
Good Traction
Great Price Point
Ankle Support needs improvement
Design can be enhanced

Best comes at last. According to many eCommerce Websites and forum reviews, Columbia Women’s Peakfreak XCRSN Ii Xcel Mid Outdry Hiking Shoes is the best trekking shoes for women in 2021.

Columbia’s Peakfreak XCRSN Ii Xcel Mid Outdry Hiking Shoes are water-resistant training/hiking/trekking shoes that will maintain your feet fresh while trekking. 

Despite the swings in the weather, this variant provides excellent ankle support. This trekking shoe can also be worn frequently. 

Its moderate height, as well as the presence of the Techlite element in the midsole, help to decrease the impact during the foot transition. This model’s top is made out of a mesh layer with 100% synthetic overlays that encourage foot sweat and eliminate perspiration stains. 

Columbia Women’s Peakfreak XCRSN Ii Xcel Mid Outdry Hiking Shoes are available in three different colors: Graphite, Ruby Red, Cloudburst Ombre Plaid. 

Its sole traction gets guaranteed by Omnigrip technology, which keeps you upright regardless of the terrain’s unpredictability. 

Whenever you wear this particular model, you won’t have to worry if you get wet inside because the Outdry layer will protect you. Enjoy the outdoors in this comfortable and cushioned mid shoe with a highly energetic output. 

The traction sole, water-resistant, breathable design, and washable, flexible structure will keep you dry, relaxed, and in control so that you can focus on your hiking/ trekking trip. 

Project Details

  • Company Name: Columbia
  • Available in three different and elegant colors
  • 700 gm in Weight
  • Heel-Type: Flat
  • Heel-Height: 0.5 inch
  • Closure Type: Lace-Up
  • Round Toe Style
  • Only for Women
  • The best trekking shoes for women
  • 90 Day product warranty on manufacturing defects
  • All-purpose shoes (Running, Hiking, and Trekking)



Provide best Ankle Support
OMNI-GRIP®: Advanced Traction Technology used
Waterproof and Breathable

Cushioning and Comfortable

Slightly Costly but worth it
For some people, they have to go for one size bigger (not true to size)

Important Aspects of Best Trekking Shoes for Women in 2021

aspects for best trekking shoes women

The above section explains various features of the best trekking shoes for women, along with the expert’s opinion. Thus, you can have a sorted choice of those ten pairs of shoes to choose the most appropriate product. 

This requires you to be quite clear about the requirements on the trek. However, beginners don’t know the practical aspects that they need to consider while purchasing trekking shoes. 

Hence, it is essential to understand the points that will assist you in rating and ranking your choices. We will discuss critical aspects regarding the best trekking shoes for women in 2021. Some of them are,

1: Value

Trekking shoes come at different prices, and you may get a good pair without spending a lot of money.

 Before buying any trekking or hiking shoes for men or women, read our reviews on them, and you will get a perfect idea of the best trekking shoes for men and the best trekking shoes for women. 

There are numerous high-quality, long-lasting pairs available at moderate prices, and we have shortlisted some of the best trekking shoes for men and women. 

Some lower-cost shoes might come with fewer characteristics, such as a water-resistant liner or a rubber sole. Modern shoes are generally priced between $75 to $200, but there are some exceptions. 

After extensive testing, we’ve discovered that the price of a pair of hiking shoes isn’t always a good indicator of performance. We must spend a little more money on a quality product.

2: Durability

Trekking shoes’ durability is determined by the materials, technology used, maintenance, period of usage, terrain, and environmental conditions (including humidity). 

Abrasion damage is significantly more common in synthetic hiking shoes than it is in leather hiking shoes. 

If you enjoy trekking on rocky terrain, you’ll need sturdy hiking shoes, especially with a leather top. In general, a pair of leather shoes will withstand the extremes and endure longer in terms of regular wear and tear. 

3: Comfort

The foremost aspect of any trekking shoes is how comfortable they are according to the size of your foot. Some of the boots have broad openings, while others may be narrow from the front. 

Thus, you have to be extremely careful because you don’t want to compromise with the comfort level of the trekking shoes.

 No matter what the scenario is, you have to go for the optimal size and configuration of the wearables. Also, comfort means not only the size of the product but also the level of support it provides. 

It includes everything right from the sole to the toe-guard (if present) of the trekking shoes. Ensure that the shoes tend to protect you from any external jerks and other factors on the trek. 

Further, there should be enough room for ventilation yet preventing the shoes from coming off your feet. Don’t forget to check the quality of the laces if you are planning to add a climb to the trekking schedule.

4: Weight 

The lighter shoes are more comfortable and lightweight than the other trekking shoes. Trekking shoe technology has advanced toward reduced and lightweight styles in recent years. 

Modern materials and outsoles can be thinner and lighter without compromising trail performance. The advantages of a lightweight pair of trekking shoes for long hikes and thru-hikes only increase as the kilometers pass. 

You won’t understand when you reach your destination without unnoticeable muscle pain. On the other hand, Trekking shoes typically weigh approximately 2-4 pounds or less per pair, whereas many rugged hiking boots can weigh over 4 pounds per pair. 

If you enjoy going fast on the path or want to make some trail running in your trekking shoes, lightweight is unquestionably preferable.

Yes, reducing ounces can have a huge effect on long-term sustainability. However, several of the shoes on our best trekking shoes for women in the 2021 list are more than capable of lasting as long as a pair of heavy boots. 

Modern materials and fabrication innovations mean that you don’t have to sacrifice sturdiness and durability to save weight and achieve comfort.

5: Traction Control

Traction is the resistance that your footwear provides when skidded along the ground. Obviously, more traction means more grip while walking or running as your feet is in the commanding position. 

However, trekking routes are not as straightforward as you might think. You will find different kinds of terrains that will test the traction control of your trekking shoes. 

Moreover, wet surfaces will tend to reduce the grip of the shoes and hence increase the chances of slipping. It is recommended to have a pair of shoes with proper traction technology in the soles. 

Mostly the trekking shoes have soles that are capable of managing specific types of terrain. But it would be best if you focused on the shoes that can bear the strain of any surface on the way. 

Also, the sole grooves will help improve the friction by allowing water and mud to pass right through the bottom.

6: Water-Resistant 

Trekking shoes for women are meant to provide protection and comfort in every season and weather condition. Moisture is the biggest enemy for any trekker, especially for the ones who are on their maiden voyage.

 If water or mud enters the shoes and gets to your feet, there are high chances of getting blisters. 

Therefore, you must consider opting for waterproof trekking shoes. These are not only lightweight but also improve the breathing room for your feet. 

This technology is available in most of the trekking shoes currently in the market. However, you can only determine the practical implementation of these products by testing them yourself. 

Some trekking boots might compromise with the ventilation facility to include water-resistant features. Keep an eye on these products as you don’t want to lose one quality for the cost of the other. Moreover, wear socks manufactured from synthetic materials like nylon for the best results.

  • Brand: ‎Columbia
  • Material Type: Synthetic
  • Sport: Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Columbia
  • Material Type: Synthetic
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Columbia
  • Material Type: Synthetic
  • Sport: Climbing
  • Brand: ‎Quechua
  • Material Type: Synthetic
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Quechua
  • Material Type: Synthetic
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Columbia
  • Material Type: Synthetic
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Power
  • Material Type: Synthetic
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Campus
  • Material Type: Synthetic
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Sparx
  • Material Type: Synthetic
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking
  • Brand: ‎Columbia
  • Material Type: Synthetic
  • Sport: Climbing & Trekking

How to Choose the Right trekking shoes for Women?

How to Choose the Right trekking shoes for Women?​

There is no doubt that trekking is one of the most adventurous sports suitable for people with different age groups. Moreover, going on a trek with your friends is quite popular among youngsters. 

But they usually forget the most important thing for the journey- Trekking Shoes! Any regular trekker could confirm the fact that you will face extreme weather conditions on the way.

 Also, the terrain is not smooth as it is full of mud, streams, rocks, and other obstacles. Thus, it would be best if you considered having an ideal pair of trekking boots to help you walk safer on the trail. 

These are not only comfortable but also generate more traction while walking on wet surfaces.

However, choosing the perfect trekking shoes according to the situation is a tedious process. Also, people don’t pay much attention to the minor details that can create a huge difference. 

All these factors increase our duty to bring up this blog and explain how to choose the right trekking shoes. There is no rocket science in getting a clear picture of the product that will meet your demands.

 Further, the primary features of every trekking shoe are quite similar. Thus, focussing on the key points will get the job done, and you will feel more stable while trekking.

Without wasting any more time, we will directly start with the discussion

1. Choose the trekking shoes with the perfect fitting

There is no point in purchasing trekking shoes that are not correctly aligned with the shape of your foot. Fitting is the foremost factor that will determine how comfortable you are after wearing them. 

A loose pair of shoes will always try to come off the feet whenever you try to run or even walk in them. Also, they don’t cover your feet, and hence moisture and dust can easily enter from the top of the shoes. 

On the contrary, shoes with tight-fitting will not be appreciated as well. The chances of getting blisters and other skin issues are common in tight trekking shoes.

Once you wear socks with them, they become even tighter, and you will not feel stable while walking in them. The right choice is to get shoes that perfectly fit in your feet without any contraction. Make sure to test the boots along with wearing socks to get the optimal results.

2. Sole is Important for Traction

Many customers don’t pay much attention to the sole because they are busy admiring other non-essential aspects of the trekking shoes. 

It is not at all recommended to have trekking shoes with the non-appropriate sole. You will need to cover different types of surfaces on the boots, and their sole will be directly in contact with the ground. 

Therefore, it should be flexible and durable to maintain traction on the surface. You don’t want the sole of your trekking shoes to keep slipping on wet rocks. 

Also, a stiff sole will not maintain enough grip to help you move forward along with being uncomfortable. The best sole in trekking shoes is the one that can adapt itself according to the surroundings. 

Check for the soles that are soft enough to generate friction but rigid to provides stability. The easiest way to check for the same is by checking the sound after poking a key on the bottom.

3. Waterproof Trekking Shoes are Life Savers

As mentioned earlier, you will go through some of the extreme weather conditions of nature while trekking. However, trekkers mostly find rainy or humid surroundings, especially if you go to the Himalayas.

 Thus, you want your trekking boots to protect you from water that can be quite annoying while walking. The wet shoes will feel a little tight, and you will not be able to generate traction. 

Also, it can damage the foot skin due to the moisture accumulated in the shoes. Hence, you must look for waterproof lining on the shoes to make them suitable for such situations. 

A rubber cover on the lower part of the boots will act as double protection. Some manufacturers even provide water-resistant material on their shoes to the customers that also works just well.

4. The Laces should be Appropriately Aligned

Laces are responsible for maintaining a specific grip between your feet and the trekking shoes. Also, you want the laces to completely cover the major joints of the shoes so that they don’t get off. 

Several trekking shoes have high or medium ankles for providing better support to the customer. This will prevent you from any accidental injury that might occur due to sudden jerks or shocks while climbing or running.

Therefore, the laces should even come up till the end of ankle support. Don’t forget to check whether the laces are flexible and robust enough to remain tied during the whole journey. After all, no one wants to get their foot stuck in the laces and fall over.

5. Durable Shoes are ‘Value for Money’

No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced trekker, purchasing a new pair of shoes every time you go for a trek is not recommended. 

All the experts believe that you must buy trekking shoes that can last longer without degrading the overall quality. Indeed, you can’t judge the quality just by looking at the build. 

Thus, it would be helpful if you went through some popular reviews of the best trekking shoes. Moreover, the manufacturer’s history any opinion in the market will determine a lot about their products. Therefore, you need to go for trekking shoes that are durable and long-lasting for every situation.


This is all about the guide where you learned how to choose the right trekking shoes and get the best deals. 

Make sure to keep these points in mind next time you try to purchase better trekking footwear. Also, preferring quality over any other factor is a good habit as it will never let you down.

Trekking Shoes Vs Sports shoes?

Are you someone who wonders if going on a trek with your sports shoes will be almost similar to wearing trekking shoes? 

Well, there are many things that play an essential role in determining a perfect type of foot wearable. You should not put just any shoes and go on long stretches, especially if you have just started trekking. 

This guide comprises several points that help in establishing the difference between trekking and sports shoes. Make sure to go through every point to make a perfect choice. In the end, you will learn how to choose the ideal trekking shoes instead of the classic sports shoes.

Environment for Trekking

Before we proceed with the differences between the two types of shoes, you should know what to expect during trekking. 

It is pretty obvious that you won’t be going out trekking on a plain terrain with sunny weather conditions. Even the most straightforward trek routes have various types of surfaces like loose soil, mud, rocks, boulders, etc. 

Also, mild precipitation on the way can lead to other factors accordingly. Keeping this in mind, you want your trekking boots to provide comfort and traction in every situation. 

Further, any regular footwear like casuals or sports shoes can be a risky option. It would be best if you consider some critical points while preferring trekking shoes over sports shoes.

Key Differences between Trekking and Sports Shoes


Here are some features that are pretty different in trekking and sports shoes,

1. Sole and Grip

The most common difference between the two shoes is their sole and how it ensures grip on different terrain. Trekking shoes do have an extensive and sturdy sole with large grooves for more traction. 

These shoes are meant to grasp better the wet surfaces, snow, boulder, and other similar conditions that you are most likely to find on high-altitude treks.

You will observe a lot of detailing in the sole that ensures better friction between the trekking shoes and the ground. Also, the sole is stiffer than usual to prevent wear and tear from the rough terrain.

On the other hand, the sole of sports shoes looks much smaller and elegant at first glance. The main motive is to make the footwear lightweight as it is challenging to run in heavy boots. 

Also, it lacks deep groves, which is quite evident that you mostly play sports on the plain ground without any extreme conditions. 

Therefore, you should select shoes that have a solid and durable sole to enhance the gripping power. It will prevent you from slipping and falling over in various situations.

2. Ankle Grip

Trekking shoes do have high ankle support that covers almost your entire ankle while walking on the terrain. Moreover, you can easily differentiate between trekking and sports shoes by just looking at the ankle height. 

This restrain helps in generating more efficiency while walking downhill or climbing rocks. Your feet are completely protected from bending or twisting while stepping on the boulders. 

Hence, you can prevent accidental injuring during the trek and can move more quickly than usual.

Sports shoes are not meant to provide a restriction on your foot joints as you require to run and move faster while playing. 

Also, they should be more flexible and subtle for a total rotation of the ankle. However, these shoes will not protect you much while trekking and are relatively dangerous. 

For this very reason, trekking shoes are better than sports shoes from the aspect of ankle support.

3. Water-Resistant

Water-resistant trekking shoes are always better than other models available in the market. No doubt that you can experience light rainfall and additional precipitations like snowfall during the journey. 

Having a pair of waterproof trekking shoes will prove to be highly beneficial in long treks. Also, your feet will feel more dry and warm if there is minimum moisture inside the boots. 

Trekking shoes have a water-resistant layer on the top that will repel any moisture straining on the surface. Some high-end shoes have a  rubber layer on the midsole because it is where water can enter the inner sole.

Sports shoes are not meant to provide any waterproofing feature to their customers. There is not much requirement for the same as they are primarily used in regular weather. 

Further, it is advisable to buy shoes that are more ventilated, especially for sporting activities.

4. Internal Cushioning

At last, you have to decide between trekking and sports shoes by providing appropriate cushioning inside the sole. Trekking shoes should have comfortable yet firm cushioning to attenuate shocks from the terrain. 

This improves the overall comfort while wearing the shoes for a couple of days continuously. 

However, extra soft cushions will do more harm than good to your feel. Therefore, the inner sole should be just of perfect rigidity for the best results.

When we discuss the same internal cushioning about the sports shoes, we find that those shoes have a hard inner feeling. 

Therefore, you can’t just go on trekking wearing that footwear. Also, many sports shoes have studs to make more traction on the grass, which are not suitable for trekking. 

Hence, it would be best if you always go for trekking boots to get the appropriate cushioning.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt in the fact that both shoes have their features and drawbacks according to their usage. 

Moreover, the difference between trekking and sports shoes determines the overall stability in each profession. It would already be quite clear that you have to opt for trekking boots for any adventurous outdoor activities.

 Also, sports shoes are not ideal for muddy roads and wet rocks. So, if you plan to go out trekking in the mountains, you should have a perfect pair of trekking boots. 

Make sure to go through the different reviews of the trekking shoes not to miss any essentials details regarding the same. After all, your overall comfort and stability depend on the structure of trekking boots.

Best way to clean trekking shoes at home

Best way to clean trekking shoes at home​

The packing for trekking is incomplete without having a good pair of trekking boots to accompany you on the way. 

You can always trust them to protect your feet from risky terrain and provide comfort. However, do you know what all is required to clean your trekking shoes at home to maintain their quality? 

Well, we are here to help you in the same and explain everything regarding it. Cleaning your trekking boots is not as simple as you might think at the first glimpse. It includes a lot more than just dipping them inside water and wiping them with a cloth.

Why is Cleaning Trekking Shoes Necessary?

There is no doubt in the fact that every pair of shoes requires cleaning every now and then. Although, you can save time by just removing any mud with a cloth and sprinkling some water to clean the sole of the shoes. 

But that is not the correct way as you have to put some extra effort into cleaning trekking shoes at home. 

This way, shoes will not degrade and will sit in your wardrobe for a long time. Thus, you have to go through specific steps and processes for the same.

Primarily, there are four significant stages that you need to complete while cleaning your trekking shoes at home. They are,

  • Cleaning
  • Drying
  • Treatment
  • Storing

Therefore, we will get started with each process and explain all the steps included in it. Make sure to follow the methods to the possible extent for the best results.


Cleaning is the first stage of the complete process where you need to clean the trekking shoes each time you come back from the journey. 

Some people neglect this process as they will use them again after a few days. Saving a couple of minutes will cost you the trekking shoes as the sole will get damaged.

 Also, dirt trapped in the mesh will negatively impact the waterproofing capability of the shoes.

The best way to do it is by putting some lukewarm water on the shoes and cleaning the dirt and mud using cloth. 

Also, use an old toothbrush to clean areas like the midsole, laces, and upper brim of the shoes. You can also rinse the shoes to remove dust particles trapped in the sole, and it will remove any odor as well.


The trekking shoes are meant to get wet during the trail as they face extreme terrain with streams, muds, and potholes. 

Moreover, using water in the cleaning stage will make them even wetter. If the shoes are not dried properly, you could find moss and algae growing there within a couple of days. 

Therefore, you should not neglect to dry the shoes to keep them fresh.

Start by removing the laces from the joints and keep them aside to dry (wash if necessary). Mostly, it is better to let the shoes dry at room temperature or use a dry cloth to absorb any extra water. 

You should not put them under direct sunlight or use hot dryers to speed up drying speed. This will only damage the upper layer of the shoes and make them less effective.


To ensure that the treatment is quite as effective as possible, then properly clean and dry your trekking shoes before applying any solutions. 

Re-waterproofing sprays and re-waterproofing greases are now available from all major online retailers and sporting goods stores. 

Re-Waterproofing Sprays: 

Many trekking shoes lose their waterproofing ability over time. Re-waterproofing Sprays are used to reestablish this characteristic, allowing water to readily flow off without penetrating the shoe. 

This treatment is necessary only once or twice a year.Apply the spray according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Spray the product all over your trekking shoes evenly. 

Pay special attention to the seams and joints, as this is where the majority of the water enters. Allow them to dry and absorb the spray completely for one full day. Caution: 

Do not use an additional heat source to speed up the drying process (like hairdryers, the sun, etc). You must put them at room temperature to dry.

Re-Waterproofing Grease:

This product is designed to be used mainly on leather boots. This makes the leather shoes more water repellent, which avoids premature ageing and cracking. 

It will not, contrary to common perception, reduce the shoe’s breathability. It could also be used on shoes with membranes. A clean and soft cloth is used for applying the grease.


Before putting your shoes back on the rack, ensure that they are completely dry. Store them in a clean, dry, and well-ventilated location to avoid them from direct sunlight. 

If you aren’t going to use them for a long time, fill them with fresh newspapers to protect them from losing their form. Dehumidifiers such as teabags & silica gels can also be used to keep the shoes from smelling.


If you take care of your trekking shoes, you will have comfy feet and a pleasant trekking journey. In this blog post we have discussed the best ways to clean your trekking shoes at home once they’ve broken in. Those are: waterproofing with spray & grease, cleaning, and drying & storing your shoes. Maintain your shoes so that they can look after your feet while you’re out on the trekking/hiking trails! If you know some other better techniques for cleaning your trekking shoes, please share them in the comments section below. Also, please let us know how these steps are beneficial for you.

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Safety measures for Trekking During COVID-19

trekking while covid

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many families and groups of friends weren’t able to go on trekking and hiking or didn’t go on road trips. The COVID-19 epidemic brought many changes in the tourism, trekking, and hiking sector.

 As a trekking community, our major priority has always been to ensure the healthcare, safety, and security of our Nomads, on-ground personnel, and local residents. 

We are doing everything that we can to assure that all the Government regulations are followed wherever they are necessary.

Taking that into consideration, we’ve discussed some measures to protect your safety. Here are the COVID-19 safety precautions for Trekkers/Hikers:

Before you go on Trekking/Hiking during COVID, make sure you follow all the safety guidelines. 

Below are a checklist to ensure that you are safe to go outside for trekking with your family during COVID

1: For at least 1-2 weeks before your journey starts, stay away from busy areas and avoid social events. 

2: If you leave the house, put on a face mask (recommended surgical mask). 

3: Every day, consume at least two glasses of turmeric-infused hot water. 

4: Whenever you leave your residence and when you return back home, wash or sanitize your hands nicely. 

5: Avoid using public transportation. This also applies to taxis. 

6: As much as possible, avoid dining at unknown places. Go to hygienic restaurants and avoid unhygienic places.

Follow these COVID-19 Safety Protocols before going on trekking.

1: Only asymptomatic travelers will be permitted to enter. 

2: Those with a temperature exceeding 37.5 degrees Celsius (99 degrees Fahrenheit) and flu-like symptoms are not allowed to travel. 

3: Travelers with no foreign travel history will indeed be permitted two weeks before departure (they will only be applicable until restricted by the government authorities). 

4: Nomads under the age of ten and those beyond the age of 60 would be denied.

5: All travelers will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms at the entry point, including the body temperature (by using no-contact type thermometers/thermal guns), coughing, fever, and other symptoms. 

6: If you flew to the main city, keep your face shield and face mask on and use it to fly till you reach the base camp instead of throwing it away once you reach it. 

7: Before boarding, all travelers will be instructed on the safety precautions that need to be taken in place. 

8: When traveling, travelers should provide basic personally identifiable information such as their name, phone number, government ID number, and other essential details. Traveler’s approval to share their personal information with administration/health authorities will be sought as and when necessary for contact tracing purposes.

9: Before crossing any state boundary, ensure that you have the required permissions or forms. (Each state government provides a portal for entering interstate travel information.) 

10: Travelers must bring their personal masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, and other necessities. 

11: We strongly advise you to travel in your own vehicle during a pandemic. Suppose you cannot organize your own transportation, then book a family car from the travelers for a few days. 

12: Prior to boarding, the Trekkers vehicles would be properly cleaned. The driver who will be accompanying or you will also adhere to the necessary safety procedures.

Follow these On-Trek Safety Instructions

1: You must check your oxygen level thrice a day, and also when you feel like it. 

2: If you are going with a trekking group then you must stay with another person, which means two people in every tent. 

3: Every person in your team must wear a mask, whether a cook, instructor or trek leader. 

4: To avoid chaos, a single person or the trek team leader will be serving meals to all the participants while wearing a mask.

5: It would be best if you bring your own cutlery and food items. Wash your own cutlery by yourself.

6: In COVID-19, you must carry your own medical kit, which contains some basic items like oximeters, medicines, masks, etc. If someone has breathing problems, they can also bring an oxygen cylinder, or please don’t go further. 

As a Trek Leader, you must carry a COVID-19 Kit with you

Every Trek Leader must have these safety gears in a COVID-19 Kit:

  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Infrared Thermometer Gun 
  • Surgical mask (or any mask) 
  • Face Shield 
  • Personal Gloves
  • Sanitizer
  • Oxygen Cylinder if someone is having breathing issues.
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  • Brand: ‎Power
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  • Brand: ‎Campus
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  • Brand: ‎Sparx
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Important Things to Carry while Trekking in India

Things to carry while trekking

Do you want to go trekking with your family and friends? Well, before going on your trekking journey, make sure that you carry these equipment with you, which we will be highlighting in this blog post. 

During trekking and hiking, you will be encountering different terrains, climatic conditions, and many other challenges. So, it’s indeed a good idea to bring the following items with you in your backpack if equipment or gears are not readily available.

Here are 12 Important things to carry while Trekking in India

1: Basic and must have Essential during Trekking

  • Government Approved ID Card (Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Driving License, etc.)
  • State-wise Permit (If you are going to Leh Ladakh, you must carry a permit with you)
  • Trekking Backpack & Rain covers (nearly 50-60 liter capacity)
  • LED Torch / Headlamps
  • Health Kit

2: Trekking Shoes

Trekking Shoes are the essential gear of your journey. It plays a significant role in your walking, energy, and comfort. 

So, it would be best if you carried trekking shoes that are comfortable, water-resistant, have good traction, lightweight, sturdy, flexible, etc. 

We have shortlisted the top 10 best trekking shoes for men in 2021 & the top 10 best trekking shoes for women in 2021. You can refer to these articles to find your perfect matching trekking shoes.  


3: Trekking Backpack – The Best Trekking Essential 

The most important thing to remember while going on trekking is to pack light and be well-organized. 

Buy a decent backpack to ensure that you have sufficient space for essential components to carry throughout trekking. A decent, durable, and lightweight backpack may help you arrange your belongings and travel more effectively.


While purchasing a trekking backpack, ensure that your bag is nearly 50-60 liter in capacity. 

Also, go for those backpacks which contain side pockets and several other compartments to carry out small items which need urgent access like ID Card, water bottles, money, etc.


4: Water Bottles to Stay Hydrated

We suggest you carry at least 2-3 water bottles in one backpack to stay hydrated during trekking. A water bottle is among the essential items to have with you while trekking. 

Because it is difficult to get water at high elevations like the Mountainous region, your body must be properly hydrated throughout the journey.

 Natural streams like a river flowing, waterfall, etc are the only water source at this level. Anybody can replenish their water bottle while going through these natural water sources to avoid dehydration.

 Avoid carrying plastic water bottles while trekking. You must invest in a leak-proof sturdy water bottle which could be made up of Stainless Steel or aluminum. If you want to carry a plastic bottle, then go for the Tritan Plastic Water Bottles.


5: Personal Medical Kit

Medical Kit is an essential item to bring with you on your trekking trip since it will save you from minor health issues. Burns, bruises, antiseptic creams, bandages, and cotton balls must all be included in the basic medical kit.

 These supplies are lifesavers in an emergency situation and will undoubtedly aid you and your fellow trekkers. Keep a checklist of the medications you’ll need to take on your journey and ensure that you have them all. 


6: Goodbye Hunger Snacks

You must carry some light snacks or instant snacks on your trekking trip to get rid of instant hunger. 

Light snacks could be Energy Bars, Trail Mix, Apple, Banana, Cookies, Candy Bar, etc. You can eat them while walking too. You can put them in your trekking bag’s extra compartment/pocket, which can easily be taken out without stopping. 

Dry fruits, almonds, chocolates like Snickers, and energy bars (Protein Bar) are just a few other fast snacks available. If you’re traveling with a stove, please ensure that you include ready-to-cook foods like instant noodles, poha, oats, and soup. 

Light Snacks are undoubtedly the necessary trekking essentials in India.


7: Trekking Map & Compass

During Trekking, you must carry a trekking map of your location and also carry a small compass to navigate the direction. 

If you carry a GPS, it would be great, but don’t entirely rely on it. The network connections are weak in some locations, so you couldn’t connect with a GPS and have difficulties navigating your destination location. 

Trekking maps are a substitute for our GPS gadgets in such a situation, so you must know how to read maps. Or even in the worst situation, your battery dies, and you don’t have extra cells, so it is essential to have a printed physical copy of the location map.


8: Comfortable Clothing, Headgears, & Feet Protection

While Trekking brings only those clothes that you feel at ease in. Please don’t wear anything which is out of style and therefore appears to be ostentatious without first ensuring that you are comfortable in it. 

Don’t wear party pants, shirts, and other occasion clothing during hiking/trekking. You must wear those clothes which are comfortable and lightweight such as trousers, T-Shirts, trekking shorts, etc. 


If you are going to altitude regions, you must carry some headgears like mufflers, woolen hats, bandanas, etc. 

It is crucial to protect the skin from direct sunlight during the journey because sunburns are pretty painful, so wearing a hat or cap will protect you from becoming sunburned and carry mufflers, woolen hats if you are going in a snowy or chilly region.


As previously said, excellent quality, well-fitted trekking shoes with an additional pair of floaters, cotton, and woolen socks are also just a few of the essential items to bring with you while hiking/trekking. 

They will help you with extra cushioning for some different terrains for your foot that are prone to shoe bites.


9: Power Banks

In today’s world, we cannot live without our smartphones for a day or more. However, it’s essential to carry a power bank during your trekking trip so it can charge your electronic gadgets like mobile phone, laptop, etc, and even charge where there are no charging ports. 

So, it is usually a good idea to have a power bank with you in case of any emergency. We recommend you to have at least a 10,000 mAH power bank because it can quickly charge a single phone entirely twice. 


10: Walking Stick or Walking Pole

Long walks might appear to be exciting and adventurous for many people and trekking enthusiasts. But if the paths are pretty rough and lengthy, then assistance is necessary. 

As a result, having your personal walking pole or walking stick is essential. Walking poles come in a variety of styles, each of which is ergonomically developed. Choose one that fits seamlessly into your trekking backpack and can be stored there when not in use. 


11: Swiss Knife

This is also a convenient gear to have while going on a trekking excursion. Because this tool comes with a variety of blades; and it is perhaps one of the finest items to bring along on a journey. 

This multi-purpose gadget can be helpful in an emergency like cutting fruits, cutting branches off trees for a bonfire, etc.


12: Toiletries

While Trekking, we need some toiletries items such as moisturizer (to keep your skin hydrated), sunscreen (to avoid sunburns), lip balm (to keep your lips watery), face wash (to remove dirt and particles from face), lightweight towels (to clean your wet hand & face), toilet paper and hand sanitizers in our waterproof toiletry bag. 


Now you are 95% ready to go for a trekking trip. In this blog post, we have discussed some important things to carry while Trekking.

If you carry these items with you, you are ready to leave for Trekking.

So, if you’re planning a trip to the Himachal or Uttrakhand area in India and want to include Trekking in your plans, use this helpful list of items to carry while trekking to ensure that you have a fantastic experience with no confusion.

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which brand provides Best Trekking Shoes for Women in 2021?

We have shortlisted some of the brands’ trekking shoes. We concluded that Several brands in India produce the best mountain trekking shoes for women and men in India, including Quechua, Woodland Sparx, Adidas, Campus, Columbia, and others. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best trekking shoes for women and the top 10 best trekking shoes for men in 2021.

Q: Are sports/running shoes suitable for Hiking/Trekking?

On familiar terrain, sports shoes give strong traction with a cushioning effect. However, if you’re going on trekking, you’ll need a higher-quality sole with strong traction and excellent ankle support. As a result, you’ll require superior hiking/trekking shoes.

Q: What is the difference between hiking shoes and trekking shoes?

Hiking shoes/ Hiking Boots are lighter and much more supportive than regular sneakers, while trekking shoes give additional ankle support so we can walk easily on different terrains. We have discussed this topic in detail. If you want to learn more about differences, visit our blog post at “Difference Between Hiking Shoes and Trekking Shoes.”

Q: Do I need waterproof or water-resistant shoes for trekking?

Yes, indeed, you must need water-resistant shoes if you are going trekking in a snowy mountainous or wildery region. Because in these regions there are many chances that you need to cross some small river valleys to go to the other side. 

Q: How to choose the best trekking shoes for women?

There are many criteria for selecting the best trekking shoes for women in 2021. Here are major criteria which you must consider before purchasing any trekking shoes: must be lightweight, soft and comfortable insoles, proper traction, provide better ankle support, flexible and breathable, water-resistant, durable, perfect fit size, etc. according to your requirements.


We hope this guide gave you a clear picture of all the different types of best trekking shoes for women in 2021. Also, don’t be afraid to prefer quality over the looks of the products before going for trekking with your family and friends.

 We have shortlisted the top 10 Best Trekking Shoes for Women, but each pair of shoes has its own merits and demerits that you need to examine carefully from your end. The best way to purchase women’s trekking shoes is to go through the product’s description, its Pros & Cons, how the shoes work on different terrains and uncheck the options that are not compatible with your requirements. 

Thus, you will be left with adequate, affordable, and best trekking shoes with all the satisfactory components. We have defined some criteria for what to keep in mind before buying women and men trekking shoes. 

Don’t forget to consider having the waterproof membrane on the boots. It is imperative to make your feet comfortable and dry in rainy conditions. 

Don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback down below. Also, visit our other articles to get more information about Top 10 best trekking shoes for men, the difference between hiking shoes and trekking shoes, significant criteria for choosing the best trekking shoes

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