How to clean Woodland Shoes at Home

Do you have Woodland Shoes/Woodland Sandals? Do you want to clean Woodland shoes at home? And don’t know how to do it? In this article, you will learn how to clean woodland shoes at home without affecting the leather or material of the shoes.

Caution: To remove the dirt off the tops of the Woodland shoes, use leather cleaning because almost all Woodland Shoes are made up of 100% Leather. 

Any cleaning that includes an acidic chemical or a detergent will damage the natural oils in your shoes and accelerate the aging process, so ensure that you use a non-acidic, non-detergent cleaner. 

Also, if you apply conditioner to your Woodland shoes, your leather will get soft and increase the chances of getting cracked. 

Firstly, check the authenticity of your Woodland Shoes. To determine its genuinity, you can scratch the Woodland’s logo on the shoes to check whether this is coming off because the logo on the authentic woodland shoes will never come out.

Are Woodland Shoes Waterproof, and can we wear them in wet regions? No, most Woodland shoes are made up of leather, so they aren’t waterproof enough, but you have to take proper care of them if your shoes get wet. 

Keep your leather Woodland Shoes dry, or it will develop fungus and germs on its outer layer if left damp. Dry them under a fan or leave them in a warm place but not under sunlight. 

Now, how to clean Woodland Shoes at Home. Suppose the odor continues after washing your shoes. In that case, you must follow the following steps below: Mix 1 cup of Listerine (or any other antibacterial mouthwash) and 2 cups of water inside a mixing bowl. 

Put your Woodland Shoes in it for 15 minutes for soaking, then scrub the shoes with a soft brush with gentle hands. Allow them to air dry, not in sunlight.

How to clean Woodland shoe footbeds at home? We recommended firstly cleaning the footbed with a wet cloth every few weeks to remove debris. 

If your footbeds require deeper cleaning, prepare a paste with just a little water & baking soda, apply that solution to your footbeds, and leave it overnight undisturbed. Wash your shoes softly and air-dry them without exposing them to the sun.

Woodland Shoe Care at Home

Based on how often you wear your shoes, you must clean them frequently. The material of the shoes determines the cleaning procedure. Using a soft cloth, apply leather cream to polish and condition the shoe. 

When the suede is polished, the material looks its most refined. Dedicated suede brushes are available to maintain smoothness. To protect your leather Woodland shoes, use a silicone-based waterproofing solution. 

The Woodland Stain Eraser restores and protects the texture of your shoes against stains, allowing them to seem fresh for longer. 

After each usage, make sure to carefully clean your shoes because mud and grime can cause fibers degradation. While cleaning, use a soft brush to remove slathered debris and stains. 

Take a day’s break from wearing your leather footwear. The leather on your shoes should never be exposed to direct heat. Leather must always be left to air-dry completely. 

Dry, room-temperature air should flow within the shoes. Store your running or hiking shoes in a cool, dry area to extend their lifespan.


We hope that you have learned something new today. In this blog post, we have discussed how to clean woodland shoes at home and what are the leather woodland shoes care at home. 

If you have some other method to clean woodland shoes at home, please share with us in the comment section down below. Thank You!!! Have a nice day.

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