How to Check Original Woodland Shoes

Are you planning to get one Woodland Shoes for yourself? But, having a fear of getting a second hand or duplicate copy of the same Woodland Shoes. In this article, you will learn how to differentiate between original and duplicate Woodland Shoes.

There are several locations where replica woodland shoes are sold for the same price as genuine ones and low at some places. 

They create perfect copies of the original ones and sell those at comparable pricing throughout various outlets. Before purchasing Woodland shoes, you should take extra precautions and ensure that you are not being scammed. 

Many dealers on the marketplace offer these replica shoes, and finding the originals might be challenging at times. Here are some things to keep in mind while purchasing your original woodland boots and avoiding paying on fake ones.

Woodland logo is well-known among all the hardcore shoe people, and also no fraudsters can successfully replicate the original logo. 

The woodland logo is greenish and has a tree design, making it simple to distinguish between the real and bogus. The original woodland shoes have little but mostly hidden, and it is pretty easy to tell if they are authentic or not. 

You may also scratch the logo on the shoes to see whether this is coming off. The logo will never be removed from the original woodland shoes.

2: Material

The simplest method to tell if the Woodland shoes you’re buying are real or fake is to look at the materials they’re made from. 

You can assess the strength of the soul of the shoes by looking at them and by feeling them. The woodland shoes are known for being extremely durable, strong, and detecting a fake one is not much difficult. 

To prevent getting scammed, you must purchase your Woodland shoes from a genuine woodland store or eCommerce Website like Amazon (at Woodland Store, not from other sellers), the official woodlands website, and Flipkart.

3: Stitching

It is also one of the simple methods to determine whether the Woodland shoes are genuine or a replica. Your original Woodland shoes’ stitching will be very uniform and therefore should not be damaged in any way. 

If the stitching has tangles, the pair is undoubtedly a replica. One should also look at the threads that are used for sewing, since if the footwear are authentic, the thread should be hardly noticeable. The thread used in duplicating shoes is awkward and overused.

4: Leather vs. Rexine

While purchasing a pair of leather shoes, distinguishing between a fake and an authentic becomes quite simple. The genuine woodland shoes will be made of 100% genuine leather, while the fake ones will only be made of rexine. 

And it’s not difficult to tell if the material of the Woodland shoes is made up of leather or rexine. This way, you’ll be able to identify the original Woodland Shoe readily.

5: Fastenings

It’s easy to tell the difference between a fake and a genuine pair of Woodland shoes with zippers. Fasteners may be shiny painted if they are not original fasteners. 

The original woodland shoes have a fairly understated appearance, with matt appearing straightforward zippers as well as other fastenings. They are extremely easy to identify.


Well, you got an idea of how to check original woodland shoes? If you have other differentiating factors, please share with us in the comment section below; it will be helpful for first-time buyers. Thank You!!! Have a nice day.  

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