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The Columbia trekking jacket is the pure right choice to pick before planning your next Hiking expedition. You never want to go trekking or hiking without appropriate gear that will protect your body. Trekking Jackets are quite an important part of your attire, especially if you are a beginner. 

It will save you when the temperature drops below zero or strong winds are blowing. However, many users don’t have the proper guidance for choosing and getting an ideal trekking jacket. 

Today, we bring you the complete guide on Columbia trekking jackets India and other related details. It includes various features that bring Columbia on top of other brands in the market. 

Make sure to take an overview of the brand and purchase your trekking jackets accordingly.

Background of Columbia – Columbia Trekking Jacket

Columbia Sportswear Company is one of the leading manufacturers of sports and outdoor clothing. It also produces other camping, trekking, and hiking equipment.

 Founded in 1938, Columbia has been in the business of mass-producing trekking shoes, jackets, trousers, rucksacks, and whatnot. 

There is no doubt that customers are quite satisfied by the overall build of wearables. Similarly, Columbia trekking jacket India have a different fan base in the community. 

It can make your trip better, especially when trekking for the first time with your family or friends. 

Moreover, their trekking jackets have a huge sales chart due to several useful features. Hence, it is a popular trekking jacket manufacturing company with customers all around.

Heat Insulation

Heat insulation is the major aspect of any trekking jacket when you go to high-altitude regions for camping. 

Columbia is a highly anticipated brand that manufacturers warm and cozy jackets. Moreover, some of their products have Omni-Reflective technology that reflects the body’s heat. 

Columbia trekking jacket maintains the overall temperature and prevents cold air from entering inside. This method is quite effective even if the fabric is not adequately thick. Therefore, you get more warmth without using bulky or heavy trekking jackets.

Further, the jackets have a neck cover that protects your shoulders and upper body from chilly winds. 

If you are expecting rainfall, it is advisable to have trekking jackets with a hood or headwear. The inner filling also enhances the heat retention properties and keeps you warm. 

Hence, you don’t have to face any challenges regarding the heating insulation and other features of Columbia trekking jacket.

Lightweight Jackets

Trekking includes packing a lot of different items and clothing as you will face extreme weather conditions. In all of this luggage, it is tedious to fit a heavy trekking jacket for later stages. 

Well, Columbia trekking jackets are lightweight and slim to make things easier for you. Less weight does not mean that the jacket will not be warm enough for cold weather. 

This is where microfibers come into action. Microfiber is a light yet aerated material that increases the overall warmth of the jacket. However, it does not make the product heavy in any sense. 

Hence, you can easily stay warm in snowfall regions without having to wear multiple layers of clothes. In case you want light jackets, Columbia is the perfect place for your requirements.

Waterproof Layering

Many people think that waterproof trekking jackets are not breathable and do not allow sweat to evaporate. But in reality, water-resistant means not allowing humidity to enter inside the jacket. 

The outer fabric has got tiny pores that are small for water droplets to get in. Although moisture and sweat can move out from the pores as water vapors are easily permeable. 

Thus, Columbia trekking jackets India use special fabric and outer layering to make their jackets completely waterproof.

Moreover, the trekking jackets dry up quickly at room temperature without the need for ironing or dry cleaning. 

You can learn more about this technology on the official page of Columbia. Some customers might neglect this feature if they are going to hot or sunny locations.


The outer polyester is quite durable and long-lasting even if you regularly visit rough terrain. It is quite common for the jacket to get rubbed against pointy bushes or hard rocks, damaging the external layering. 

However, the design team at Columbia takes care of this issue. The fabric is scratch-resistant and does not get shrink even after using it for several years. 

The zippers and metal runners are rust-proof make them smooth in different scenarios. 

Users can simply fold the jacket and put it inside their trekking backpacks. It will not damage the leather or inner cushioning of the trekking jackets.   

Value for Money

At last, after reading all the features of Columbia trekking jackets, you might be wondering that it will cost you a lot. 

However, the products are budget-friendly and suitable for mid-range buyers. Columbia is one of the few brands that provide premium kinds of stuff at reasonable rates. 

Also, you will get additional discounts during special Sale seasons at Columbia. We assure you that customers will get the value of every penny they spend on the trekking jackets.

If you have any issue with the product, Columbia provides 1-3 years of manufacturing warranty depending on the type of trekking gear. Hence, you have complete protection against accidental damage on the journey.

Final Thoughts

We conclude our discussion of Columbia trekking jackets in India in this section. It is clear that Columbia is the perfect brand you want to choose for your next outdoor adventure. 

Further, you can look at their other products like backpacks, footwear, tents, etc. It is essential to check the fitting of wearables before going out on the final day.

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