Complete Guide about Forclaz 500 Women Shoes

The Forclaz 500 women shoes are great picks If you are looking for performance plus money friendly hiking shoes and planning a trekking trip next weekend with your family and friends, you need to have the proper gear. It is recommended to pack all the necessary items along with suitable footwear. 

There is no doubt in the fact that an appropriate pair of trekking shoes will make your journey more comfortable. Also, you will have extra protection to cover your feet in extreme weather situations. 

Trekking shoes allow you to create traction on slippery surfaces and prevent moisture from entering the socks. Hence, many expert trekkers believe that you must wear adequate trekking footwear.

Quechua is a known international brand with its roots in Decathlon, which is already a huge name in the market. 

You can get some excellent models of Quechua women’s shoes from their retail or online stores. However, beginners might face some challenges while deciding on the perfect trekking shoes. 

Don’t worry; we have your back as this guide consists of important details regarding Quechua shoes for women. 

Further, we will focus more on Forclaz 500 Women shoes that have a sturdy overall build. Our motive is to help you with the in-depth details of the product. So, without wasting any more time, let’s start our journey.

 Forclaz 500 Women Shoes Performance

It would be best to learn the basic properties of any trekking shoe as it will allow you to make a better choice. Similarly, our experts tested the Quechua shoes for women in real-world scenarios. 

Moreover, we used them on rough terrain to check out their durability. We were amazed by the results established by these products, especially the Forclaz 500 shoes for women. A team of experts makes the following conclusions with a lot of experience of outdoor treks, especially in high altitudes.

Traction Control

First, we tested them out on the slush surface, which is the most annoying part of any trekking journey. Surprisingly, the shoes didn’t let even a tiny bit of moisture reach the wearer’s foot. 

Also, the socks near the heel were dry and protected from external mud. Hence, it shows their capability to withstand different terrain conditions. Although, the thick layer of slush might get your shoes dirty from the midsole.


Next, it was time to take the actual waterproofing test of the shoes while moving from shallow streams. Well, this time too, the Forclaz 500 women shoes did a fantastic job. 

We even tried to dip the shoes entirely in the water, and still, there were no signs of moisture on the internal layer. Users can take these shoes for outdoor expeditions even in rainy conditions. 

The manufacturers did great work on the design and material of these shoes. Therefore, it becomes an ideal choice for experienced trekkers to protect their feet.

Snow Surface

Some of our readers urged us to test these shoes on snowy surfaces as many products fail in similar conditions. This could be the crucial situation where the sole of the Forclaz 500 Women shoes will be pushed to the extremities. 

Before the test, experts were reluctant to climb on snow, but the first step on the surface cleared all their doubts. Despite the fact that the snow was hard and slippery, we were able to generate traction on the ground. 

All thanks to the large grooves on the bottom sole that enhance friction between the surfaces. Whether you are climbing uphill or running down the slopes of mountains, you will have a firm grip. 

Hence, this product is also suitable for beginners who don’t have experience in hard terrain conditions.

Regular Use

The best part of these trekking boots is that you can use them as Quechua sports shoes for regular wear. Also, they are quite lightweight and enhance foot movement for better locomotion

Therefore, you will not feel any difficulty wearing them for long durations up to 6-8 hours. The outer fabric is durable and resists any scratches and damage from gravel and prickly thorns. 

On the other hand, the sole is covered with cushioning to attenuate jerks of shocks while moving down the trek. No matter what the conditions are, you will have complete protection of your feet while trekking and hiking.


If you are an experienced trekker, you must be aware of the odor from your boots after the trip. Forclaz 500 women’s shoes will remove most of the bad smell that might originate on the way. 

Apart from mild dirt in the sole, they will look just like a new product out of the store. Customers can clean their trekking boots by simply wiping them off with a wet cloth followed by rinsing them in water. Hence, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the boot’s sole and outer layer, respectively.

Conclusion – Forclaz 500 shoes for women

You can look for more details about the trekking shoes at Quechua Shoes India retail stores near you. If you don’t want to visit the store, make sure to go through our blog on Quechua shoes review and other similar details. 

We have covered all the major aspects of outdoor gear, including the latest trekking and hiking boots for women. The Forclaz 500 women’s shoes weigh only 1500 grams and don’t feel heavy while climbing rocks.

Further, the external leather fabric makes it more convincing and long-lasting. You can choose between different color options like grey and orange according to your preferences. If we talk about its ratings, we will give it a solid 9 out of 10. Overall, it is a great choice for high altitudes trekking in the Himalayan region.

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