Important Things to Carry while Hiking in India 2023

Want to go Trekking and explore with your family and friends? Well, before going on your Hiking journey, make sure that you carry these equipment with you, which we will be highlighting in this blog post. 

During trekking and hiking, you will be encountering different terrains, climatic conditions, and many other challenges. So, it’s indeed a good idea to bring the following items with you in your backpack if equipment or gears are not readily available.

Top 12 Important things to carry while Trekking in India

Basic and must have Essential during Hiking

    • Government Approved ID Card (Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Driving License, etc.)
    • State-wise Permit (If you are going to Leh Ladakh, you must carry a permit with you)
    • Trekking Backpack & Rain covers (nearly 50-60 liter capacity)
    • LED Torch / Headlamps
    • Health Kit

Trekking Shoes

Hiking Shoes are the essential gear of your journey. It plays a significant role in your walking, energy, and comfort. 

So, it would be best if you carried trekking shoes that are comfortable, water-resistant, have good traction, lightweight, sturdy, flexible, etc. 

We have shortlisted the top 10 best trekking shoes for men in 2021 & the top 10 best trekking shoes for women in 2021. You can refer to these articles to find your perfect matching trekking shoes.  

Hiking Backpack – The Best Trekking Essential 

The most important thing to remember while going on trekking is to pack light and be well-organized. 

Buy a decent backpack to ensure that you have sufficient space for essential components to carry throughout trekking. A decent, durable, and lightweight backpack may help you arrange your belongings and travel more effectively.

While purchasing a backpack, ensure that your bag is nearly 50-60 liter in capacity. 

Also, go for those backpacks which contain side pockets and several other compartments to carry out small items which need urgent access like ID Card, water bottles, money, etc.

Water Bottles to Stay Hydrated

We suggest you carry at least 2-3 water bottles in one backpack to stay hydrated during trekking. A water bottle is among the essential items to have with you while trekking. 

Because it is difficult to get water at high elevations like the Mountainous region, your body must be properly hydrated throughout the journey.

 Natural streams like a river flowing, waterfall, etc are the only water source at this level. Anybody can replenish their water bottle while going through these natural water sources to avoid dehydration.

 Avoid carrying plastic water bottles while trekking. You must invest in a leak-proof sturdy water bottle which could be made up of Stainless Steel or aluminum. If you want to carry a plastic bottle, then go for the Tritan Plastic Water Bottles.

Personal Medical Kit

Medical Kit is an essential item to bring with you on your trekking trip since it will save you from minor health issues. Burns, bruises, antiseptic creams, bandages, and cotton balls must all be included in the basic medical kit.

 These supplies are lifesavers in an emergency situation and will undoubtedly aid you and your fellow trekkers. Keep a checklist of the medications you’ll need to take on your journey and ensure that you have them all. 

Goodbye Hunger Snacks

You must carry some light snacks or instant snacks on your trekking trip to get rid of instant hunger. 

Light snacks could be Energy Bars, Trail Mix, Apple, Banana, Cookies, Candy Bar, etc. You can eat them while walking too. You can put them in your trekking bag’s extra compartment/pocket, which can easily be taken out without stopping. 

Dry fruits, almonds, chocolates like Snickers, and energy bars (Protein Bar) are just a few other fast snacks available. If you’re traveling with a stove, please ensure that you include ready-to-cook foods like instant noodles, poha, oats, and soup. 

Light Snacks are undoubtedly the necessary trekking essentials in India.

Trekking Map & Compass

During Trekking, you must carry a trekking map of your location and also carry a small compass to navigate the direction. 

If you carry a GPS, it would be great, but don’t entirely rely on it. The network connections are weak in some locations, so you couldn’t connect with a GPS and have difficulties navigating your destination location. 

Trekking maps are a substitute for our GPS gadgets in such a situation, so you must know how to read maps. Or even in the worst situation, your battery dies, and you don’t have extra cells, so it is essential to have a printed physical copy of the location map.

Essential trekking Comfortable Clothing, Headgears, & Feet Protection

While Trekking brings only those clothes that you feel at ease in. Please don’t wear anything which is out of style and therefore appears to be ostentatious without first ensuring that you are comfortable in it. 

Don’t wear party pants, shirts, and other occasion clothing during hiking/trekking. You must wear those clothes which are comfortable and lightweight such as trousers, T-Shirts, trekking shorts, etc. 

If you are going to altitude regions, you must carry some headgears like mufflers, woolen hats, bandanas, etc. 

It is crucial to protect the skin from direct sunlight during the journey because sunburns are pretty painful, so wearing a hat or cap will protect you from becoming sunburned and carry mufflers, woolen hats if you are going in a snowy or chilly region.

As previously said, excellent quality, well-fitted trekking shoes with an additional pair of floaters, cotton, and woolen socks are also just a few of the essential items to bring with you while hiking/trekking. 

They will help you with extra cushioning for some different terrains for your foot that are prone to shoe bites.

Power Banks

In today’s world, we cannot live without our smartphones for a day or more. However, it’s essential to carry a power bank during your trekking trip so it can charge your electronic gadgets like mobile phone, laptop, etc, and even charge where there are no charging ports. 

So, it is usually a good idea to have a power bank with you in case of any emergency. We recommend you to have at least a 10,000 mAH power bank because it can quickly charge a single phone entirely twice. 

Walking Stick or Walking Pole

Long walks might appear to be exciting and adventurous for many people and trekking enthusiasts. But if the paths are pretty rough and lengthy, then assistance is necessary. 

As a result, having your personal walking pole or walking stick is essential. Walking poles come in a variety of styles, each of which is ergonomically developed. Choose one that fits seamlessly into your trekking backpack and can be stored there when not in use. 

1: Swiss Knife

This is also a convenient gear to have while going on a Hiking excursion. Because this tool comes with a variety of blades; and it is perhaps one of the finest items to bring along on a journey. 

This multi-purpose gadget can be helpful in an emergency like cutting fruits, cutting branches off trees for a bonfire, etc.

2: Toiletries

While Trekking, we need some toiletries items such as moisturizer (to keep your skin hydrated), sunscreen (to avoid sunburns), lip balm (to keep your lips watery), face wash (to remove dirt and particles from face), lightweight towels (to clean your wet hand & face), toilet paper and hand sanitizers in our waterproof toiletry bag. 

Hiking Essentials: Conclusion

Now you are 95% ready to go for a trekking trip. In this blog post, we have discussed some important things to carry while Hiking.

If you carry these items with you, you are ready to leave for Trekking.

So, if you’re planning a trip to the Himachal or Uttarakhand area in India and want to include Trekking in your plans, use this helpful list of items to carry while trekking to ensure that you have a fantastic experience with no confusion.

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