Best Trekking Shoes Brand for Trekking Enthusiasts

Are you searching for the best trekking shoe brand for your next excursion? Well, we have shortlisted some of the best trekking shoes brands for you. 

Exploring the environment, wildlife, nature, and mountains during traveling, hiking, and trekking are excellent methods to do so. However, you’ll need a solid and robust companion to go with you on your journey. 

Below are some of the best trekking shoes brands to choose from! Although most enthusiasts travel alone, they invest in high-quality trekking shoes that provide a solid grip on rugged and stiff terrains. 

Below is a list of the top 11 best trekking shoes brands that make your journey smooth and comfortable.

1: Columbia

Columbia offers sturdy, comfortable, trendy, and the best trekking shoes for almost all of your outdoor demands. The company provides a variety of weather & stain-resistant trekking footwear. Get a new pair of Columbia Trekking shoes and prepare for your next adventure.

2: Woodland

With Woodland’s camping, hiking, trekking collections, you can ensure maximum comfort and breathability to your feet while you are out on your adventures because they are composed of quick suede material and feature an appealing design. 

Woodland Trekking shoes are best suited for multi-day trekking as well as other adventurous sports activities.

3: Salomon

Salomon’s dedication to cutting-edge design and love for adventurous activities has resulted in a wide range of ground-breaking new ideas for skiing, jogging, snowboarding, running, hiking, trekking, and various other activities. You will discover an ideal shoe for your next exciting adventure with Salomon’s.

4: Quechua

Quechua is a well-known brand of trekking gear. They provide Quechua trekking shoes, trekking jackets, trekking backpacks, & camping tents for all the trekkers/hikers enthusiasts. They have 20+ years of experience in delivering quality trekking gear to all trekking enthusiasts. 

5: Nike

Nike does have a broad selection of trekking shoes to choose from. Nike has the most excellent sneakers of all time for you to buy; with a focus on comfort and durability, they are the best trekking shoe brand on our list. Choose Nike’s trekking shoes to boost your backpacking experience to another level.

6: Reebok

Along with Nike, Adidas, Puma, and plenty of other best trekking shoes brands, Reebok is among the most well-known. You’ll find a comprehensive selection of the finest shoes for mountaineering, hiking, trekking, and other adventurous activities. The company Reebok is known for focusing on attractive design and superb comfort.

7: Liberty

Liberty is also the best trekking shoe brand from India, which combines fashion and comfort to create something unique. 

Men’s and women’s athletic casuals, formals, trekking and hiking shoes, as well as trendy children’s shoes are all part of their collection. Their shoes are made of high-quality materials and showcase expert craftsmanship.

8: Bacca Bucci

Bacca Bucci is an up-and-coming footwear brand. They manufacture a variety of trekking/hiking shoes for both men and women. 

Their material utilized has passed quality testing, so they are used to create modern and eye-catching patterns. Bacca Bucci brand sells shoes at a low and reasonable price.

9: Timberland

Timberland also makes the best hiking shoes that are both lightweight and comfortable to wear. Their boots are intended for long-distance walks in a variety of terrains & climatic situations. You won’t become uncomfortable after wearing them for a long time.

10: FURO

Furo Trekking shoes are made for today’s youngsters, which are bold and robust. Furo appeals to everyone with its fresh and colorful designs. 

Their latest generation of outdoor shoes is designed mainly for trekking and adventures. Leathers, synthetics, virgin elastic and knitted canvas are all used to create Furo shoes, which is known for their unmatched level of comfort. 

11: Campus

The campus is also amongst India’s best trekking shoe brand and most trustworthy footwear brands; they focus on their customer’s comfort, convenience, durability, and value for money. 

Their goal is to make shoes that fit your feet properly and are incredibly comfortable right out of the box.

Criteria for selecting best trekking shoe brand for Trekkers

1: Quality

Whenever looking for Excellent Trekking Shoes in India, it’s essential to think about the quality. However, you may discover a wide range of the best trekking shoes brands within your budget. 

Thus according to our experts, the quality of the material defines your journey. If you brought poor quality trekking shoes, the boot can be torn easily, not comfortable, and couldn’t withstand harsh weather. 

Since you are putting your money into the shoes, you should get one from the best trekking shoe brand, which we have listed here in this post. 

You may compare pricing and reviews to learn more about the quality of shoes. You can also glance at the images to get a better sense of the branded shoes’ size and color.

2: Pricing

While purchasing any items, we must first define a budget. First, choose a rough budget, and then look for the Best trekking Shoes for personal use within that range or under. 

Don’t go overboard with your buying budget. It’s fine if the sum grows by a thousand rupees or so, but don’t go over your budgetary limits; otherwise, you’ll have to deal with financial problems elsewhere.

3: Warranty

Warranty is the most crucial feature of all. You must choose the best trekking shoe brand, which is providing at least 90 Days manufacturing warranty. 

If you are investing your money into trekking shoes that are costly and purchasing from an eCommerce website, you must buy one with a warranty period. 

Because sometimes, during shipping, manufacturing, or delivery time, your shoes could affect, and you can get a bad product. So, if you have a warranty period on the trekking shoes, you can easily exchange them or replace them. 

4: Material

Trekking Shoes come in a variety of materials. If you are purchasing online, you have complete control over the material selection. 

However, before choosing the material for your trekking shoes from the best trekking shoes brand, ensure that you and anybody else who will indeed be wearing them will be suited for them. Also, check that it isn’t delicate or easily torn.

5: Sizes

Size is another important factor to consider while looking for trekking shoes from India’s best trekking shoes brand. 

We often purchase a product, and select slightly larger or smaller trekking shoes, and end up with a mismatch with both the location where we want to put shoes and your feet size. So look for an empty space and check your feet size and then place an order for shoes from the best trekking shoes brand.


In this article, we have discussed the top 11 Best Trekking Shoe Brands for all the trekking enthusiasts who are planning to go on trekking, hiking, camping, & mountaineering with your family and friends. 

These are the best trekking shoes brands, so you can go with any to choose your perfect match trekking shoes. We hope you get some knowledge. If you have any concerns leave your reply in the comment box, and we surely reply to you as soon as possible. 

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