Quick & Simple Guide on How to choose Best Trekking Shoes in India

Are you searching for the best trekking shoes in India? Then, put your search to an end! You have come to the perfect place. Here we will discuss how to choose the best trekking shoes in India and what are the well-known brands for the trekking shoes.

Trekking shoes are must-have gear in your trekking journey because they can make or break your excursion, especially in the Himalayan region of India. Trekking shoes are perfect for hiking, trekking, mountaineering, camping, etc, rather than wearing casual shoes, because you have to climb mountains, walk through jungles, walking down steep, etc. 

Below are some of the most important characteristics of trekking shoes: 

  • They provide exceptional grip and traction on various terrains without slipping. 
  • They are built with a material that protects your feet from being injured or twisted. 
  • They are waterproofed from various weather conditions. 
  • Their durability and long-term use are significant factors. 
  • They provide cushioning comfort and breathability in long-hour hiking/trekking.

Here are a few things to consider before buying the best trekking shoes in India:

1: Weight

Before you choose a trekking shoe in India, make sure that you know how much it weighs. A lightweight pair of trekking shoes is always preferable to a hefty pair since it provides superior traction. Lightweight trekking shoes will make your journey so smooth while climbing on steep mountains, traveling in the forest, camping, etc. 

2: Water-Resistant

The waterproof trekking shoes feature an extra coating of polymer on the exterior. The shoe is water-resistant due to its resin coating. Suppose you are in the Himalayan region or in the monsoon area. In that case, you must wear waterproof trekking shoes to avoid getting water inside your shoes whenever crossing a stream or stepping into a pothole.

3: Flexible

Always select a shoe that can bend in the same direction as your toes. It will allow you to be more flexible while trekking. A stiff sole will harm your feet after a lengthy stroll, so avoid getting it. Consider flexible trekking shoes if you are going to regions where you need to climb or going up, etc.

4: Breathability

Your trekking shoes must have proper ventilation to keep your shoes cool during summertime and warm during wintertime. 

5: Check your Sole

It is crucial to inspect the bottom of your trekking shoes. Because sturdy soles will protect your feet, ankles, and legs from the stones while you ascend the mountain. The appropriate sole provides excellent traction and also protects you from slipping on slick surfaces.

6: Perfect Size & Fitting

The size of your trekking shoes is among the most significant considerations while choosing the best trekking shoes in India. Before you buy a pair of shoes, ensure that you try them on. If you’re going to buy it from an eCommerce website, first go to a local store and try on the shoes beforehand, or if your friends and relatives have the same shoes, wear their shoes for flexibility, traction, & fitting.

7: Check for Ankle Protection

Check the ankle support provided by your trekking shoe in India company. Low-cut, mid-cut, and high-cut ankle protection are indeed the three most common varieties of trekking shoes. If you are going on a short journey, the low-cut trekking shoes are good. But if you’re going on a lengthy hike, a mid-cut shoe is a good choice. Choose a high-cut trekking shoe in India that will provide you with the excellent traction and stability which you need for winter traveling.

8: Affordable

Pricing is the most crucial factor to consider while purchasing trekking shoes in India. Despite the budgetary arguments, there is no doubt that customer happiness is the most crucial factor in India. 

Pricing will play a significant role while selecting perfect match trekking shoes in India. For some shoes, the pricing is high due to their quality, durability, and other features. Whereas, in the low-budget section, you can also find such an option to consider. 

That is why we have shortlisted the top 10 best trekking shoes for men in 2021 and the top 10 best trekking shoes for women in 2021. In these posts, we considered all the criteria which we have discussed in this post. We can select one for you for your next hiking trip.

What are the different types of trekking shoes in India?

There are three types of trekking shoes in India: Trekking Shoes, Hiking Shoes, & Mountaineering Boots.

1: Trekking Shoes

Trekking Shoes are made of a little heavier, durable, & sturdy material. Trekking shoes are mainly used in trips like multi-day trekking, containing more than 7-8 kg backpacks, mountaineering, etc. 

This is a waterproof trekking shoe that can be worn in every weather and may be purchased mainly for a snow or monsoon journey. If you’re going on several day hikes or excursions, they will assist relieve the strain on your feet and ankles. 

The burden of the backpack will be significantly heavier for multi-day hikes/treks; thus, the stronger material of the trekking shoes will provide strength & support to your leg muscles.

2: Hiking Shoes

Hiking shoes are comparable to sports or athletic shoes, but they have a better grip. They’re also more durable than sports footwear. 

These are lighter, flexible, cost-effective hiking shoes with a good traction sole. They’re great for short hikes where you shouldn’t have to carry a lot of weight. 

Hiking shoes are excellent for summertime or warm weather traveling because they are formed of breathable material. They’re not recommended for wet or snowy routes because they are not waterproof. 

Invest in hiking shoes if you’re going on a day hiking or perhaps on a couple of days journey with a lightweight rucksack and a short amount of walking during the day. 

Hiking shoes have flexible bottoms and therefore are low-cut with minimal ankle support; thus, you need to carry a lightweight backpack.

3: Mountaineering Boots

Mountaineering boots are also known as Expedition Boots. These boots are ideal for multi-day high-altitude excursions because they have a high-cut ankle and leg support. 

These boots are suitable for all-weather, but specifically for cold temperatures since they provide additional foot insulation. 

If you’re planning a long journey, these boots will provide you with both ankle and leg support and also provide you comfort.


Trekking shoes may improve or ruin your journey. That’s why we’ve put up this comprehensive resource of data gathered throughout the years, which you must consider before buying a pair of trekking shoes in India. 

You don’t have to make the same mistakes again while choosing the best trekking shoe. We have also shortlisted some of the top 10 best trekking shoes for men in 2021 and the top 10 best trekking shoes for women in 2021

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