Wildcraft vs Quechua – Which One is the Best for Trekking and Hiking Gear?

Quechua vs Wildcraft? Which is the ideal brand to buy Hiking gear and wearables for your next trekking expedition. These are the 2 most famous and top trekking and hiking gear and brand, and today we are going to do the detailed comparison between both brands.

Every year, thousands of adrenaline-rushed people visit the Himalayas to have a fun time with their family and friends. Also, it includes packing a lot of essential items that you might require on the way. 

These items are referred to as Trekking or Hiking Gear, depending on your expedition’s situation. 

However, several experts tend to recommend having the most suitable gear type for trekking and hiking. Users can look for appropriate trekking and hiking shoes, backpacks, tents, jackets, and whatnot. 

Wildcraft and Quechua are the two dominating manufacturers in the field of providing outdoor trekking and hiking gear to customers.

But you must have a basic understanding of each of these brands and their most valuable products. Today, we are here with a complete guide on ‘Wildcraft vs Quechua’ and discuss which one is the best brand. 

Moreover, we will try to break down various features of products manufactured by these companies. 

It will help you to distinguish between the brands easily and have the best choice of trekking and hiking gear accordingly. Make sure to go through each section and don’t miss any crucial information.


Let us begin by discussing the background and product segment of our first contender. Wildcraft is a major manufacturer of hiking and camping products like footwear, jackets, trousers, etc., for men and women. 

It is an Indian brand with its headquarters situated in Bengaluru. They are also quite popular for providing efficient backpacks and tents that you require for trekking. Founded in 1998, the company was started by a group of colleagues keen on outdoor journeys. 

Today, the team consists of hundreds of employees working day and night to serve their customers. 

Wildcraft is functional in over 60 cities with more than 5000 retail stores all across India. You can purchase their products online from their partner shore- Myntra and Flipkart.

There is no doubt in the fact that Wildcraft provides outdoor-friendly gear and clothing that will keep you warm and dry. 

Also, the trekking and hiking shoes lead to better traction and control over rough grounds. However, we will discuss more on each product in the later sections of the guide.


Quechua is a French brand known for manufacturing camping and hiking equipment across the globe. The popular French company, Decathlon, markets all the products of Quechua. 

It was first established in 1997 at Dormancy, France, to enhance the trekking and hiking experience. No doubt, the brand has succeeded in its mission and brought smiles to the face of customers. 

Some of their best-selling products are hiking shoes, jackets, tents, and backpacks. Moreover, you can choose from various items available on their online store accordingly.

Every product is quite effective for beginners and experienced trekkers who want to explore exotic outdoor locations. 

Further, they duly test their trekking and hiking gear to remove various loopholes in the design. You also don’t need to worry about the quality as Quechua keeps track of every upgrade in their models.

Wildcraft vs Quechua

We already discussed the initial days of both brands and how they are among the top trekking and hiking gear manufacturers. 

However, you must go for the most promising brand that delivers quality products. In the next few sections, we will try to differentiate between these companies and conclude their respective products. Hence, let’s begin our comparison of various outdoor gears,

Footwear: Quechua or Wildcraft?

The main gear that is essential for hiking and trekking is the shoes or boots that you wear. Moreover, you are likely to find hundreds of different categories in both Wildcraft and Quechua. 

The overall quality and build of footwear is almost similar in both cases and contains the latest technology. However, Quechua is more affordable and budget-friendly as compared to Wildcraft. Hence, we can consider Quechua as a winner in the footwear segment.

Backpacks & Rucksacks: Wildcraft vs Quechua

The next thing is the rucksack & backpack that holds all your luggage and other essential items during the journey. Also, they must be waterproof and durable to withstand extreme weather conditions. 

No doubt, both the companies manufacture lightweight trekking and hiking backpacks with a large luggage capacity. 

Some people might give extra points to Wildcraft as their backpacks are more durable and provide better storage. Thus, you could prefer rucksacks manufactured by Wildcraft according to the situation.

Jackets: Wildcraft or Quechua?

Both brands are ahead as compared to other companies in manufacturing trekking and hiking clothing. Whether you are looking for jackets, pants, or raincoats, they have got your back. 

Further, you can find comfortable and long-lasting products in each of their stores. Many experts advise having trekking jackets with waterproof lining and a hood for extra protection. 

There might be some models without these factors, but overall, you get a pretty good deal in Wildcraft and Quechua. Therefore, it is quite challenging to conclude which is the best.

Quechua vs Wildcraft: Conclusion-

In the end, it is a tedious job to prefer one brand over the other when it comes to Wildcraft vs Quechua. One side Wildcraft is bringing quality products while Quechua is more economical and has better customer service. 

We recommend you to choose the brands according to their products. In some cases, Quechua is more prominent, whereas Wildcraft can be effective in others.

 However, the decision should be situation-specific as factors like weather, terrain, and temperature can affect your choice. Hence, make sure to check the consequences of each brand before your final call. 

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